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    Where are your car keys?

    For the valet key I have an electronic fob that has a detachable valet key. I get the dealership to cut me a "standard" key using my valet as a template. When diving I attach the standard key to a ring with a carabiner, then clip the key to a ring on the inside of my BC pocket (I took a...
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    Pool water temperature

    For my OW class my instructor encouraged but did not require us to wear our wetsuits. The pool temperature was a reasonable 74 degrees or so but if you were to spend 90 minutes at some point you should expect to get a little chilled. The recommendation wasn't just for the heat, he wanted us to...
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    Cabo san Lucas

    The most recent threads I searched for are from 2010. My wife has just booked a trip for the end of the year December 2016 for Cabo san Lucas. Does anyone have any experience diving there and any recommendations for a dive operator? Thanks for the input.
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    Four common causes of accidents for less experienced divers

    Formula was in response to notion that there are situations where you don't know what the weighting requirements are. It was not meant to be a definitive "this is how much weight you should be diving." It is from the PADI OW manual as a rough guesstimate to approximate about how much weight...
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    Four common causes of accidents for less experienced divers

    calculating weight. no wetsuit = 6-8% body weight 3 mm = 8% body weight 5 mm = 10% body weight 7 mm = 10% + 3-5 lbs. The above will put you in the ball park for guesstimating how much weight you should start with. There is also very little excuse for not doing a pre-dive weight check. Every...
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    Diving, Fitness, Obesity and Personal Rights

    I apologize for not responding earlier but I have not been as active recently. My daily work activities as a general primary care doctor have been keeping me busy during the day. My fathering duties have kept me even busier with my kids afternoon and evening activities. But as a board certified...
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    New Diver question

    It's just about 100%. You may find an occasional operator with a DIN but you would need to call ahead. Most of the newer tanks would have combination valves but I wouldn't count on it. You also have to remember that most vacation dive operators cater to vacation divers. Most vacation divers...
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    New Diver question

    1. If you really, really want a DIN regulator then by all means go DIN. But a more important question is what type of diving will you be doing and what will those needs be for a connection. The most common connection in the US is yoke. If you will primarily dive rental tanks and on vacation...
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    Certification for kids (or not?)

    First, when introducing any person to scuba the biggest question is "does that person want to scuba?" We ask about spouses, significant others and how best to certify them. The is the extra parental dynamic that a child might not want to disappoint the parent, especially a father, by saying...
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    How many of you wish your spouse would dive with you?

    My wife said over the summer in Turks n Caicos she might possibly consider trying it again in warm water, but I doubt she would try again. My youngest son at 11 and middle daughter at 13 tried the PADI Seal Team while on vacation. For about 30 minutes it looked like those two would also join...
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    How many of you wish your spouse would dive with you?

    My wife started my diving career. While vacationing in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef she signed us both up for a discover scuba course. While I had to get certified as soon as we got home she has no interest in continuing with diving. She finds the mask claustrophobic and the gear too...
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    Getting a great deal on gear

    I am fortunate enough to have a job where I can afford to buy gear that I need and the gear I want. I am not so well of that I can just throw the money away and will look for a deal or a discount when possible. I have cultivated a relationship at my LDS since I was a student there taking OW...
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    Treat every dive like a tech dive

    I read most but not all the threads. I'm a basic recreational diver. I do have AOW training and that's it so far. I have no desire to dive cave, penetrate wrecks, or deeper than 90 feet. I don't care about double tanks, trimix gases, decompression calculations, or needing a long hose to air...
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    BC Advice

    Neither BC. Both are very expensive jacket style BC's. Jackets are the most common BC used in rentals but most divers after experience go to a back inflate. I wouldn't buy immediately after OW training until I've had a chance to try several different types of brands and styles. Ask around...
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    Seychelles or Turks & Caicos

    I went to T&C last July and stayed with my family at the Beaches resort. For me it was great since the diving was part of the all inclusive package. Two tank morning dives and was back at the resort having lunch with the wife and kids. For very serious divers they may not like getting lumped...
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    A dive vacation to use the gear I have.
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    How did you deal with snorkel warble in current

    I can't imagine that a dive club would actually require you to wear a snorkel. I've been in rough seas and once with some very significant surf. In both conditions I never once thought, "damn, I wish I had a snorkel." In fact, a snorkel on the side of my mask would probably have been more of...
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    Lug it or rent it?

    I've dragged a whole set of gear to the Bahamas for only a single day 2 tank dive. Wetsuit, mask, fins, computer, and regulators. In hind sight it was a bit of a pain and I'm still on the fence about bringing them again for such a short time. When we go to Hawaii or some place similar the...
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    Teaching it Neutral Style... a paradigm shift in Scuba instruction

    The art of teaching is to try an impart a body of knowledge to beginners. The really good teachers are patient and able to convey even complicated material in a simple yet easy to understand format. Average to poor teachers simply repeat materials, go through the motions, and hope some people...
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