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  1. opie

    Best south-Charlotte (NC) Dive shop?

    I would avoid Paradise and Xplore scuba. As for who to go with,either Divers Supply or Scuba Ventures in Rock Hill. You will get more of a personnel feel at scuba ventures.
  2. opie

    Condensation around p-valve?

    Its a tri-lam suit(Scuba pro Ever-Tec) Thanks guys,i will leak test the area a little better
  3. opie

    Well i installed my first P-Valve

    Thats why i decided to attempt this myself. I prefer to be able to fix things myself
  4. opie

    Condensation around p-valve?

    Ok done my first few dives the other day with my newly installed p-valve. When we finished up i noticed more of what i would call moisture instead of a leak around the area of the valve. Didn't smell of urine so i figured the valve itself wasn't leaking and it wasn't really enough water to...
  5. opie

    Well i installed my first P-Valve

    I just lost a Drysuit to the USPS so i was kinda gun shy about sending my new one out. So i decided to tackle this project my self. Honestly its not that difficult,if you have any kind of DIY skill this is a piece of cake. I did glue mine just for the simple fact,it made me feel better about it...
  6. opie

    Diving with full facemask

    I have dove PSD with an AGA and currently own a Guardian FFM. It has nothing to do with me having poor mask skills or anything of that nature. I just prefer the FFM. I can sing to myself,talk to the fish or do whatever. The surface valve is a must though to keep air consumption down while...
  7. opie

    Oceanic GT3 and VersaPro computer

    Have a nice regulator set for sale. If interested let me know Oceanic GT3 Regulator and Oceanic Versapro Computer | eBay
  8. opie

    NiTek Q

    I have,although I like the Hel02 since it is AI and I can still use it as my rec computer as well
  9. opie

    NiTek Q

    I was on the fence between the Helo2 and the Nitek Q. After reading this,think its gonna be the Helo2
  10. opie

    OTS Guardian FFM Review

    I've got about 5-6 dives on mine and love it!! Had some experience with the AGA's but prefer the guardian much better. Very sturdy and just feels solid
  11. opie

    NEW EDGE Drysuit

    So is it a trilaminate type material? Also can we get them with socks instead of boots?
  12. opie

    HOG Drysuit, Pinnacle Hood & Boots, Hollis Fins, Whites Drysuit Bag, Dive Rite Fleece

    Interested,although worried it may be a little large for me. I am 6'2" 195lbs
  13. opie

    Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?

    Understood and well taken. Although i wouldn't be considering tech if i didn't feel competent enough to be very thorough in all aspects of it. For i am very aware that stupidity and being hard headed will cause you to be pushing up daisies. And as for the haste makes waste,thats why i am...
  14. opie

    Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?

    Thank you for all the replies. They were very helpful,as i was under the impression it was an either or type deal. After reading i will most likely being going OC. I guess now i need to start thinking conventional or side mount:facepalm:
  15. opie

    Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?

    Thanks Howard. I will be having to purchase all new tech gear,so that's why I am considering going rebreather.
  16. opie

    Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?

    i have searched and searched for the answer/opinions on this,to no avail. So on to my question.....I am looking at getting into tech diving for the reason of diving wrecks. I am up in the air about equipment selection. Since i will be purchasing all new tech gear i was wondering if it would be...
  17. opie

    HELP!!!! Hera v. Luna

    My daughter has the Hera and loves it. It was one of the few BC's that came in XS,although it has plenty of adjustments to allow her to grow into it per say. Even though it is a jacket style it doesnt constrict around the front end like most jackets do. Can't help ya with the Luna,sorry
  18. opie

    3 out of 8 done; 5 to go

    Your a bad,bad man:mooner:
  19. opie

    3 out of 8 done; 5 to go

    To get a 5 you need to swim the 400m in under 61/2 minutes. Over 13 minutes gets a 1 The mask,fins,snorkel is 800m in under 14m minutes for a 5. Over 21 minutes gets a 1
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