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    Pushing The Boundaries Of Shark Photography With Michael Muller

    There's an article about globe-trotting shark photographer Michael Muller in the Washington Post. Muller has published a new book of his best images. species depicted: · oceanic white tip & black tip · bull · lemon · whale · great hammerhead · great white shooting locations: · Galapagos...
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    Trespassing golf ball diver drowns - Texas

    This thread from March has discussion of hypothermia symptoms, some prevention & treatment options, and some cautionary tales. Thicker Wetsuit and slower metabolism equals longer dive?
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    Diving and/or shops/clubs around Labrador City

    My experience is with the Pacific North, but I'm gonna guess that life in LabCity/Wabush also primarily centers around working and drinking.
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    Very near miss - panic and hyperventilation at 70 feet

    That's a very compelling story. Thank you for taking the time to craft it.
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    DCI and hyperbaric chamber experience Cozumel

    How soon did the symptoms appear? Are you stuck at the hospital? Do you need anything? Best wishes for your speedy recovery.
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    how do pressure groups relate to saturation levels

    You have a fine hobby. Please let us know how else we can encourage you. Regarding this specific question, maybe you can start your research with the first report from the NEDU: Repetitive Diving Decompression Tables (1957). Appendices A & B show their "UNIVAC methods" and experimental data...
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    Doc Deep dies during dive.

    I made the analogy to climbing Everest so I could point out exceptional human physiology, not to mock any particular person or second-guess their motivations. Specifically, I was wondering if an HPNS-resistant superathlete might appear someday. I still do not question motivation, but I have...
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    Am I the only one that dives with 2 computers?

    This is a distressing thread. I have read every post with increasing dismay.
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    list of fundamental exercises

    +1 A new trainee said to me once, "Is it even possible to do that?" Very nice to see it spelled out. That post probably belongs in your next book.
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    Drysuit thermal insulation gas: Ar vs SF6

    Oh, what a delightful thread. It's awesome stuff. It is the worst greenhouse gas ever evaluated. Better still, if you pass an electrical arc through SF6, it will break down into some truly horrible things. One of these is disulfur decafluoride. DD will give up its stored energy when it finds...
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    TSandM: Missing Diver in Clallam County, WA

    Interesting theory. Except Lynne dove the same site the previous day. :hm:
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    Vintage Scuba Diving in Turkey

    Ils sentent principalement le néoprène. Bunlar öncelikle neoprenin kokusu. Они пахнут в первую очередь и&#1079...
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    Regarding Polish heroism during WWII ... In the summer of 1944, Eisenhower and the British War Cabinet had decided that V-1 and V-2 sites were now the highest priority targets for bombing, above aircraft production, fuel production and ball bearing factories. Experts began planning the aerial...
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    The Poles deserve a gold medal for sacrifice, and especially for striking a blow against the Nazis that benefited all humanity. Norway should get one too. The Norwegians refused to enter the German political sphere, and resisted the Nazi invasion and occupation. Thousands of men and and...
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    Is it worth it to complete last semester of bachelors before going to dive school?

    The timing seems really bad. Those who are allergic to the dismal science should just skip this post. Moe, I write software that tracks things that happen online. Last year, when the price of commodities started moving huge amounts, I decided to use your general dilemma as a test case: should...
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    Vintage Scuba Diving in Turkey

    Ben sadece bu fotoğrafları seviyorum. Teşekkürler!
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    New from Guadeloupe, french caribbean island

    Nous sommes ravis de vous rencontrer. Il ya très peu d'instructeurs FFESSM ou CMAS ici. Langues spécifiques ne sont pas importants. Utilisez celui que vous préférez. Bienvenue à ScubaBoard!
  18. Detail of NOAA chart of Cape Flattery

    Detail of NOAA chart of Cape Flattery

  19. Duncan Rock and surrounding bathymetry

    Duncan Rock and surrounding bathymetry

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    TSandM: Missing Diver in Clallam County, WA

    The upload tool shrunk this map about 4x. If you would like a readable copy, [-]send me a PM[/-] just get it from the member gallery instead.
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