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  1. Ted S

    Kona (North) in Late July... Other Divers?

    Hey SB... I'm headed to Kona next week for work but plan to make a few water trips... Will be staying @ our place in Puako if anyone is traveling to the area at the same dates.... or locals who want to put up with a [frequent] tourist? p.s. How's the lava flow? :D
  2. Ted S

    Lost GoPro HERO2 Camera on Sun Diver express last week... Help!

    Hey SoCal divers, I'm posting a long shot here but here's to hoping... I went out on the Sun Diver express last weekend (the 2nd) and at the end of the day my buddy and I goofed on communication leaving my GoPro HERO version 2 with attached wrist strap on the boat, probably still in the fresh...
  3. Ted S

    DEMA 2005 Roll Call - Who is Coming?

    This is a fairly old thread on DEMA so perhaps the mods will want to split it into whatever the latest DEMA discussion is...? Anyways to answer your question, DEMA is an industry show meaning that you must have "valid credentials to be admitted" and there is a cost to register. Details on...
  4. Ted S

    Anyone in the same situation?

    When I got my BCD the B/P & W idea had only recently taken off... Years later I've still got that "traditional" BCD and while I see a lot of reasons to move, it hasn't stopped me from diving... Heck I'm a huge fan of my Ranger. I still dive my integrated computer [backup!] but prefer the...
  5. Ted S

    Thanks ScubaBoard!

    Forums are indeed a complex world... It took the dive industry many years to embrace ScubaBoard [and the web... one might say it's not all there yet] and sadly on the flip-side there's many communities that just aren't that open... Of course this isn't unique to diving -- after 14 years working...
  6. Ted S

    Blood from nose?

    My step-father doesn't dive anymore much but every time he exits the water almost regardless of depth and duration, he's got a little blood in the mask. He tends to need a few minutes to clear going down and I assumed that while it wasn't an immediate cause and effect, that's what triggeed this...
  7. Ted S

    The History of the ScubaBoard

    Sorry, I wasn't clear at all in my comment. My point on validation is that they do not require business owner to validate the listing as being "ok" for it to stay up. Most of the companies I work with have wikipedia entries written about them which they have never touched and often to the point...
  8. Ted S

    The History of the ScubaBoard

    Wikipedia doesn't look for, or care much about, validation so that wouldn't be the issue. Rather the community removes anything that's seen as commercial or not factually useful... No matter how good a job Cave Diver did, sometimes they just aren't a fit for their standards. As ScubaBoard has...
  9. Ted S

    The History of the ScubaBoard

    Haha. I was wondering where the greeter squad was... I will never forget some of those intro posts from years back Don :D ScubaBoard needs its own Wikipedia page just to document the past for the new faces coming in.
  10. Ted S

    The History of the ScubaBoard

    I think the appropriate word to describe the original layout is basic. You can see a screenshot of the site from August of 2000, a few weeks after it had gone live and with just 121 members total at By sept of 2001 we were up to...
  11. Ted S

    The History of the ScubaBoard

    Ahh the old days... Tempting as it is to glorify the past, things get better with time and with forums & ScubaBoard that's been very, very true. When we first started building the site in June of 2000 this software was a brand new invention.... avatars were just starting to be used, smilies...
  12. Ted S

    Anyone on the big island 8/30 - 9/7?

    Hey Hawaii divers! Headed to the Big Island next week and while I've got a few dives planned in, figured I'd see if anyone else is heading over [or local]. I'll be staying in Puako so just a few steps to one dive option but certainly open to others. If you're up for a dive drop me a PM or...
  13. Ted S

    Scuba Show, Longbeach Ca 2011: Official Thread!

    It's been a few years since I've made it to this show... Glad to be back in SoCal and looking forward to seeing some other members there!
  14. Ted S

    Celebrating 10 years of ScubaBoard!!!

    Old? Small? It's amazing seeing where SB has come... watching people join up and seeing SB grow from something a few people knew about to a topic at just about any dive shop.
  15. Ted S

    Celebrating 10 years of ScubaBoard!!!

    Member #57... Wow! I went through the user list and it looks like there's still a nice collection of names on from the first few years of SB.
  16. Ted S

    Celebrating 10 years of ScubaBoard!!!

    You can browse around @*/
  17. Ted S

    Celebrating 10 years of ScubaBoard!!!

    Thank you Bill! It's a fitting coincidence that you jumped in for the first reply... Bill was heavily involved in many of the first community dive events we had in SoCal in the early days when people were just hearing of this new "scuba board". ScubaSam, appreciate the offer but let's table...
  18. Ted S

    Celebrating 10 years of ScubaBoard!!!

    This weekend I was checking out a local dive shop and stumbled into a conversation about diving in the industry... as the associate and I kept chatting we hit the topic of ScubaBoard and suddenly his eyes opened up like I had mentioned something special; he commented how "no one could not know...
  19. Ted S

    Catalina Place to sleep

    How about the Hermosa hotel? Prices have gone up over the years but for $55 off season it's really about as cheap of a room as you can get -- unless you find a local.
  20. Ted S


    To reiterate what others have said and add some more... PADI is still around, and probably larger than you remember. Certification has become more mainstreamed (from what the "older" divers tell me at least) but a lot of the same ideas. Probably worth taking a refresher course to understand the...
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