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  1. augk

    New to Board; Attleboro Massachusetts

    Hey JewelryJeff, You mean your diving on the Cape after going over the Bourne bridge? Your not diving in the canal under the bridge right? I don't think the Army Corp of engineers or Coastguard would take kindly to that since its illegal to dive in the canal. But at the east end just to either...
  2. augk

    Comment by 'augk' in media 'Painted Tanks'

    Hope your Auquamech droid has a good motivator unit. Very cool paint job.
  3. augk

    Clarification of MA spearfishing regulations

    I don't see the wording in the CMR stating the transport from other states into Mass is prohibited. do you have a section reference?
  4. augk

    Scallop Trip 7-14-13 video

    Nice video tons of scallops .
  5. augk

    Not dive related, although it mentions lobsters and steamers

    I liked that one it was wicked pissa.
  6. augk

    New photos from Croatia

    I'm surprised the Amphoras are there at all and haven't been collected. Are they in a protected site of some kind?
  7. augk

    Striped Bass Spearfishing Tournament out of Newport, RI

    Looking for some info about spearing in Newport. So lets say I'm in Newport with the family some random weekend this summer. I've got my Ma salt water fishing / lobster Lic. and my gear. Low and behold were at the state park at Brenton Point the kids are busy flying kites and I decide to stroll...
  8. augk

    Cape Cod in July, new diver?

    I guess depending on where on the cape you will be there are a few options. If you're lets say mid cape or further you would be well served checking out the cape dive locker. If you are closer to the upper cape in like Sandwich or Bourne you could check out Aqua...
  9. augk

    Word Association 3

  10. augk

    Word Association 3

  11. augk

    Cape Cod "Airplane Wreck"

    Maybe this will help you. - scuba diving, massachusetts, maine, rhode island, new england, cape cod, dive shops, diving centers, boston
  12. augk

    Greek Dive Sites

    Well I have some recommendations for places to go in the islands in the south eastern Aegean Kalymnos and Rhodes are my favorites. It has been too long since I was there last to recommend any specific dive shops. Kalymnos is home to the sponge divers they hold an annual skandalo petra diving...
  13. augk

    HELP! How can I remove a dysfunctional, gray toolbar on Google Chrome...?!

    Check in program manager see if you can uninstall the AOL toolbar. Look in your control panel add remove programs or programs and features depending on what OS you are running. Looks like Vista maybe since your screen shot looks like your windows are set for transparency one of the Aero features.
  14. augk

    Intro- New to NE Diving

    Hi Scotty, Welcome to Massachusetts I don't know if you have found it or not but there is a dive shop a bit closer to you. Mass Diving, Inc. - Learn to Dive I don't know much about them honestly I stopped in once while working in the area.
  15. augk


    Hi Chantal, Welcome to ScubaBoard! I will recommend for you to visit 2 islands in the Dodecanese Kalymnos and Rhodes. Kalymnos is the home of the sponge divers who pride themselves on their free diving skills. Sadly I have not been back for far too long. It is a beautiful smaller island you can...
  16. augk

    Need someone to join a Night Diving Certification class with me in my Area!!! 9/19/12

    Well Uncle Donnie it looks like it is a bit more than just a night diving course. I just love how so many are ready to pounce with indignation for what they perceive to be less than acceptable training to them. I hope you enjoy your training. And by the way I did get my SSI Certification with...
  17. augk

    Slow swimming buddies wanted for Dive at Sandwich Town Beach.

    Looking for slow swimming buddies for dives at Sandwich Town Beach. :sly::shark:
  18. augk

    Brant Rock/Jetty Marshfield visit

    Well this is the local shop over in Marshfield you could contact them. North Atlantic Scuba
  19. Shark_food


  20. augk

    Invasive seaweed threatens marine environment in New England along east coast

    So just curious lets say this seaweed begins flourishing in the area do you think it could become a potential hazard to divers? Like an entanglement issue of some kind if one was to find themselves in close proximity unexpectedly by a drifting mass of this seaweed?
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