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  1. richerso

    Tyler State Park?

    If by the term "real" you are looking for some "objective" evidence, the answer is no. If you want to believe the two dive shops in Tyler, I will agree with both of them. I have seen some visibility at TSP that is 10-12 ft. I have seen visibility that is 3 ft. It is a silt bottom. The silt...
  2. richerso

    No garage, no hose. I live in apartment. Caring for equipment?

    A little late to the thread.... My wife and I used to soak our gear in the bathtub all the time... no worries about plumbing.... hang everything over the tub, curtain rod, hang from the shower head, etc to dry. . . . . . . . . another option to indicating dessicant is rice... Seriously. Go...
  3. richerso

    Tryton Gear?? Still in business?

    I have already posted a thread in the Gear/Dive Light section of SB.... i thought I would post a similar question here to see if my fellow Swampers have any information. I own a Tryton Gear divelight that has recently failed in dramatic fashion. I wanted to contact Tryton to complain. A...
  4. richerso

    Tyler State Park?

    Guba! Good to see you!!! I actually haven't been on SB in a few years myself.... trying to get back into SB... .trying to reconnect with some fellow Swamp Divers. About Tyler.... The Scubadillos out of north Dallas dive TSP every spring (Easter Egg dive) and every fall (Pumpkin Carvin')...
  5. richerso

    Texas Swamp Diver in Belize?

    Chuck, I don't think I have a recollection of that... and I think I am one of the old timers..... actually, haven't been on the board in a few years.
  6. richerso

    Tryton Gear In Business?? Out of Business?

    Does anybody know about the current business status of TrytonGear? I own a TrytonGear divelight. I would like to contact the manufacturer to complain about a significant device failure. However, a google search for Tryton Exploration Gear returns a website that is "expired". Looking into the...
  7. richerso

    Texdiveguy.... So Long Buddy :-(

    I am going to miss my buddy Alan. He was always such a joy to dive with... and he taught me a lot.
  8. richerso

    New Diver to Florida -- Diving in Naples ???

    Really? Nobody in Florida has a recommendation for the Naples area? I find this interesting. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.
  9. richerso

    Any condition reports from CSSP this past weekend (9-7, 9-8)?

    Wait! What is this attitude? Huh? . . . .. By the way, renting a boat at Murray won't get you to any better dive sites -- other than spending more money. Bill is correct -- mostly -- about the goat entries. . . . Still, don't sell yourself short. The goat entries are manageable with 1...
  10. richerso

    Hens and Chickens Islamorada 8-29-13( few pix)

    Just FYI to everyone -- The miflex hoses were under a product recall some time around 2008 I believe. I don't remember the details of the recall.
  11. richerso

    New Diver to Florida -- Diving in Naples ???

    Hey guys and gals! Hello to the Florida Conch Divers !!! John here. My wife and I just moved to Florida! We moved here from Texas so we were part of the Texas Swamp Divers forum over there. I gots a question for everyone. Some of my Texas friends are going to be in Naples around...
  12. richerso

    Hey Timeliner!

    Love you guys! Really! and I do mean that in the nicest way possible. hope to see everyone again some time soon.
  13. richerso

    Hey Timeliner!

    Just checking in. I miss you guys. I haven't been on SB in AGES (and place emphasis)...... BrokenFinStrap and I are just chilling down on the Atlantic side of Florida.
  14. richerso

    Cremation Urn found at Lake Murray

    It was good diving though. This was the first time I have been to Murray in about 13 months or so.
  15. richerso

    Air at Lake Murray?

    OK. Apparently no one here on SB has this information, so I will list it as NEW information on Lake Murray. Bear in mind, I had to dig through my archives to find this information. I will claim that this information is at least six years old, maybe eight years old. Having said that, Scuba J...
  16. richerso

    Lake Murray, OK - July 21st

    Chiming in here ! ! ! I am glad to see Lake Murray is making some posts on the board. . . . . I absolutely love lake Murray! Lake Murray is a blast! Timeliner has some great posts in the archives regarding Lake Murray. I think I am in a few of them. About "the tower" . . . just to reiterate ...
  17. richerso

    Miflex HP Hose Recall

    There you go. Hawkwood got it. Dig around on the recall forum. You can eventually get all sorts of information. Ultimately, all information derives from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Guba, it is not all Miflex hoses. It is the High Pressure (HP) hoses.
  18. richerso

    Miflex HP Hose Recall

    OK. Before I get flamed, I know I am getting to this a little late. But just in case other peeps are slow like me: XS Scuba and Miflex have announced a product recall for those really, super, flexy HP hoses that everyone loves. It seems flexible multiplied by pressure equals rupture. Who knew?
  19. richerso

    Balmorhea closed to diving until further notice

    Any body got any updates on this ? Is it open now? . . . . . or (blame Guba for this), did they have to drain it?
  20. richerso

    New Introduction: Here is richerso

    Trout! ! ! Good to see you!!!
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