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  1. Freewillow

    Muck Stick

    I have a muck stick but I found it too short for real much dive photography. I am looking to make or to buy a muck Stick with a total lenght of +/- 18 inches? Thank you
  2. Freewillow

    Dauin/Apo, Sipalay or a combination of Both

    Hi, we are a couple of divers that are interested in various type of dives, from mud/macro to beautiful coral gardens. We are considering to spend 2 weeks in The Philippines. We have done Anilao, Romblon, a safari SE of Cebu ( camingin/Bohol/Cagayan de Oro ) and we are looking for similar...
  3. Freewillow

    Decompression Accident in North Sulawesi

    Firstly, I would like to stress that I have no symptoms left at this stage. My goal is to show that any insurance - DAN in this instance - can show up quite a bit uselesss if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. We have left, my spouse and myself, for 2 weeks in Nordern Sulawesi: one week...
  4. Freewillow

    Add à after 10 divers in 4 days

    Got bent, marbeled back, pain on shoulder And à very small tingering on the upper side off thé left foot. Got oxygen for 5 hours . All symptômes dissapeared within thé hour We are on vacation in lembeh for another 10 Days. I got very differrent answers from hyperbaric doctors. Stop diving...
  5. Freewillow

    Filmed in Komodo, Indonesia.

    looks, to me, like an Opistognatidae, but cannot find it. Please help. Thanks
  6. Freewillow

    Videos from Romblon and Anilao in the Philippines

    If you love macro and muck diving, these are two great places. Comments are appreciated but be aware that these are my first dives with a macro lens.
  7. Freewillow

    Komodo in Nov/Dec Water temperature, Thermal protection?

    Hi, we are going on a cruise at the end of November around the Komodo Island. I have read that the water temperature can be very different in the South, compared to the North. Any personal experience that can be shared here? I am quite sentitive to the cold, so I wonder about thermal...
  8. Freewillow

    Best surface signalling sound devices

    Can someone indicate to me where I can find a test of sound devices. Is a diver alert better than a whisle? And what are the best make for them? I am not interested in a decibel measurement but rather in a scale of detection distances. In other words, at what distances from the boat, can these...
  9. Freewillow

    Lembeh in february. Which resort would you recommend and why?

    Hi would love to go to Lembeh for 10 to 12 days. Is this too much? If yes, what should I do as a combination, knowing that dive places in this time of the year can be risky? I have received offers from various places: Kungkungan Bay Resort, Lembeh resort, , Bastianos resort and Divers Log in...
  10. Freewillow

    Help needed for indentification of small critters from Anilao/Romblon

    Help, Help. Thank you.:cheers:
  11. Freewillow

    What is the best Solution to warm yourself?

    I just came back from Anilao where the temperature of the water was not what I expected: 24° C ( 75°F). We have been diving there 2 to 3 times a day for 10+ consecutive days. I was wearing a MAres Fexa wetsuit ( 5/4/3 mm ) and I was still cold, especially on the second or third dive of 70 to 80...
  12. Freewillow

    How to get an automatic mail when a new post appears on a post

    When I want to follow a threat, I go to tools and ask to get an immediate notification by email whan a new post is answered. But when I just contribute to a new post, I am automatically "watching" it but do not get automatic emails. How can I have automatic emails for these thretas/subjects...
  13. Freewillow

    Watch threads and notification

    When I contribute on a post, I am automatically officially "watching" the threat. But I do not receive immediate emails when someone publishes on the same thread. In order to do this, I need to go to threads tool/ Unwatch the thread/watch the thread and then unclick watching without getting...
  14. Freewillow

    The Pub

    where can you see the rules of publishing in The Pub. Where can you find the Pub subjects? I wonder. Thank you
  15. Freewillow

    LOB - Dive cruise in Komodo November 2017

    I am looking for a dive boat in order to make a dive cruise in the KOMODO island. Who can recommend me one and what are the +/- of such an operation. Thank you.
  16. Freewillow

    Where to dive after or before a Galapagos Cruise

    Since we will going to a dive cruise in the Galapagos in November 2017, we are looking for a place were we could dive for a few days before or after the cruise in order to maximise the amount of dives for such a long and expensive trip. Has anyone an idea about it? Thank you.
  17. Freewillow

    For Sale Looking To Purchase A Aladin 2g

    Used, just as a back up. Please make offer. Thank you :)
  18. Freewillow

    Pro's And Con's Between Galapagos, Socorro, Coco Or Malpelo

    Hello, I wanted to put this subject in the travel destination but I cannot find a suitable place. If a moderator wants to move it, fair with me.:crafty: If one of you has been to at least two of these places, know for diving with a huge amount of pelagic and in particular, large schools of...
  19. Freewillow


    Has anyone a practical experience when it comes to thermal protection. Is it worth paying tree times the price of a regular one with basic neoprene?
  20. Freewillow

    Movie Maker under windows 7

    Hello, I use to enjoy Windows Movie MAker until recently. The program stops frequently, making it impossible to continue my work. I have a 4 years old computor with Move maker under window 7. Can one of you help and recommand solutions or alternatives? Thank you.:)
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