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  1. StreetDoctor

    New to Colorado Diving

    Moved to Colorado a year ago and finally got my dive gear out here. I used to be pretty active here in the tech forums. GUE Tech 1 certified, with some overhead experience in the great lakes. Few hundred dives under my belt, none so far in the state of Colorado. Hoping to change that soon. I...
  2. StreetDoctor

    Double Al80's

    luxfer 80's, brushed aluminum, original hydro early 2000's. 02 cleaned. Highland bands and salvo 300 bar manifold/valves. Excellent condition $450 OBO please email me
  3. StreetDoctor

    DUI XM450 Undergarments

    size Large Tall. They fit my perfect and I'm about 6 1/2" 170-200lbs. Like new condition, worn only a handful of times. They need to go ASAP, moving away from water at the end of the month. $400 OBO please email me
  4. StreetDoctor

    Moving away from water, everything has to go!

    Can a mod please delete my other posts? I'll consolidate all of them here so I stop getting funky offers from the other threads being hard to read. I appreciate it! I will describe the equipment to the best of my ability. A lot of the stuff is gently used (I am GUE trained afterall ;) ) All...
  5. StreetDoctor

    Facebook users I need your "likes"!!! Last day to vote

    I entered a photo contest last minute and already made the first page of the leader board. If you're a facebook user please click the link and click "like". No other sign ups are required and if I win I get free stuff! Birch Tree Crack, Devils Lake - Show us how you SNIPE photo Contest -...
  6. StreetDoctor

    Ultimate Honeymoon trip

    My fiance and I are starting to research a honeymoon trip to take place around the end of 2011. We've both traveled extensively around the caribbean and we're looking for something different. We'd like to do a 2 week trip or as long as our budget will afford. We're not looking to make it just...
  7. StreetDoctor

    For those of you looking for good deals...

    Travelocity has airfare for $198 roundtrip from Chicago to Cozumel right now. They also have airfare from chicago, Hotel for a week at Park Royal (all inclusive) for $800/person but I believe certain dates apply. We just got back from the same deal but ours was only $700/person so prices are...
  8. StreetDoctor

    First Coz trip, Aug 29 - Sept 5 advice?

    I'm taking my fiance to Park Royal for her graduation from graduate school. Any advice with the on site dive op or other must see/do things?
  9. StreetDoctor

    Buddy dive $1800pp for a 1bed apartment?!

    We stayed at GRI last year and paid less than $500pp for a 1 bedroom apartment. That was there dive and drive package including nitrox upgrade. I never looked at buddy dive before, but I'm shocked to see there price more than triple GRI and it doesn't even include nitrox! How/Why would anyone...
  10. StreetDoctor

    Ontario California

    Can anyone give me a run down on the city? I just applied for a lateral transfer position to their fire department. According to their website they're in the process of building a new station and will be hiring shortly. Anyone that lives their care to fill me in on the financial state of the city?
  11. StreetDoctor

    GUE Fundamentals class Sept 2nd-5th

    I've set up a class for my fiance with Mark Messersmith on Thursday Sept 2 - Sunday Sept 5th in High Springs Florida. She's looking for some other people to dive with if anyone is interested please send me a message. Mark is a great guy, very patient and knowledgeable, he helped teach my Tech 1...
  12. StreetDoctor

    Buccaneer video

    YouTube - NickIF's Channel :cool2:
  13. StreetDoctor

    Reef Photo in Ft Lauderdale reviews?

    Has anyone ordered from before? How was your buying experience? I feel like I'm being strung along a bit...
  14. StreetDoctor

    Rouse Simmons Video

    Dove on the Rouse Simmons on saturday. Great dive, excellent conditions! As you'll see I had some issues with the camera, not sure why it's giving off the red hue. This was shot with a new GoPro HD Hero cam and a Kodak Zi8. Hopefully you'll find the music a little more bearable ;) If anyone has...
  15. StreetDoctor

    A video clip and a white balance problem with the Hero HD cam

    Here's a clip I made from a dive over the weekend on the Rouse Simmons off Two Rivers, Wisconsin. As you can see my cannister light was messing with the white balance (I think?) and turning everything red. Any ideas on how to fix this? The video was shot with a GoPro Hero HD cam mounted with the...
  16. StreetDoctor

    Gas choice for 100' deco dives

    We're thinking about doing some 60 min. 100' T1 dives in the near future, using 32% for back gas are you guys using 100% instead of 50% for your deco gas or still using 50%? We didn't talk about the use of 100% a lot in my T1 class, or at least I don't remember it :mooner:
  17. StreetDoctor

    Walter B Allen Video

    We dived on the Walter B Allen yesterday. Beautiful conditions, my first iMovie go easy!
  18. StreetDoctor

    Helium/O2 analyzer

    Looking for a good condition helium/o2 analyzer.
  19. StreetDoctor

    Looking for a charter in SE Michigan

    My fiance's family own a home in Allegan, MI. We're looking at heading there for the weekend of the 22nd/23rd and we'd like to do some diving. Are they any charter boats between South Haven and Holland? (Any that are possibly GUE friendly?) I've never dived that area of the lake before, what are...
  20. StreetDoctor

    1st Charter of the year report

    Did 2 dives on the Straits of Mackinac car ferry this morning with Jim from Windy City Divers. Awesome conditions! A bit of a rough ride out with 3-5 footers but as soon as we got a little bit further north the wind and water died down and we had 1-2' rollers nicely spaced. Air temps 50F-ish...
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