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  1. PfcAJ

    Mistral Diaphragm?

    I’d love to restore a DW Mistral. Anyone have a source for silicone main diaphragms? I can’t seem to find one :(
  2. PfcAJ

    New passage in Shepherd Spring

    WKPP divers discovered a new passage in Shepherd Spring last year. A low, wide, pitch black tunnel opens up into a huge north/south trunk. Shep’s is unique in that it’s totally devoid of life. No crawfish. No catfish. I haven’t even seen a isopod in there. Very weird. Here’s a video from a...
  3. PfcAJ

    Pretty good article on the Halcyon RB80

    The RB80 Semi-closed Rebreather: A Successful Exploration Tool
  4. PfcAJ

    Want to Buy Faber lp108s (found!)

    Looking for a set of two Faber lp 108s. Singles or doubles, either way is fine. willing to pick up just about anywhere in Florida.
  5. PfcAJ

    Malloy Memorial Sink

    This very unique and challenging tunnel leads to Malloy Memorial Sink, one of the many sinkholes of the Wakulla-Leon Sinks cave system. Enjoy!
  6. PfcAJ

    For Trade (META) Add Location to Thread Titles?

    Hey gang, What do yall think about changing the forum rules to require the addition of location to thread titles for Tanks for Sale? Virtually no one ships tanks, and buyers rarely want to pay to ship one anyway. If we put the state in the post title, it'll help people find tank deals that...
  7. PfcAJ

    Ever wonder what’s at the bottom of a deep Gulf sinkhole?

    My buddy Derek and I found this sawfish at the bottom (350ft) of Amberjack Hole, ~30mi off Sarasota. Some other guys are going out this week to retrieve the carcass and try to figure out what happened to it.
  8. PfcAJ

    Article on deep stops

    InDepth just posted a good article summarizing deep stops, written by Dr Doolette of the NEDU. Gradient Factors in a Post-Deep Stops World
  9. PfcAJ

    Filters with Golem/ IQSub housing?

    Is anyone aware of filters that are compatible with the golem/iqsub 500ft housing for hero 3 and 4?
  10. PfcAJ

    Blindly trust computers?

    Suunto settles scary scuba screwup for $50m: 'Faulty' dive computer hardware and software put explorers in peril Some folks on SB keep advocating for understanding decompression and gas/time relationship using the simplest tools possible (tables, pre-dive planning, methods to monitor actual gas...
  11. PfcAJ

    FS - SeaTec horsecollar BC

    SeaTec horsecollar. Fair condition, doesn’t leak. $50 plus shipping or meet up in Tampa area.
  12. PfcAJ

    For Sale SeaTec Horse Collar BC

    SeaTec Horsecollar BC. Fair condition. Doesn’t leak. $50 plus shipping or meet up in Tampa area.
  13. PfcAJ

    For Sale Halcyon HID lights and parts

    Halcyon HID video reflector - $20 Halcyon 21w HID with bulb protector *needs new EO cord* - $100 Halcyon 10w HID with Tekna knife, spare lens, and lens oring -$100 Halcyon standard HID reflector - $20 Take it all for $200. Buyer pays shipping or meet up in Tampa area.
  14. PfcAJ

    Wakulla Springs B-Tunnel Video (WKPP)

    thought y’all might like to see the footage of Wakulla Springs’s B Tunnel the WKPP took last Friday. Absolutely incredible cave passage. Surprisingly high flow, deep (I had 303’ as a max depth) but white walls and air-clear water. David Doolette and I made a short visit into B Tunnel to...
  15. PfcAJ

    Annoying google “ad”

    I keep getting a SUPER annoying “congrats google user you’ve won a chance to win something” pop up. What’s doin with that?
  16. PfcAJ

    For Sale Shearwater Petrel 1

    Petrel 1, $500 shipped CONUS. Includes case and original straps. Minor scratches only visible on the surface, display looks flawless in the water. Really a great computer!
  17. PfcAJ

    Used my Nautilus in real life

    So I it wasn't a life or death situation, but my buddy and I surfaced some 500 yards from the boat on a west palm drift dive. The boat was east of us and the sun was at our backs making my 3ft smb tough to see. Surprise 4ft swells didn't help the situation. We chilled out for some 10mins and...
  18. PfcAJ

    Diepolder Sink Video

    Yesterday Brian (litehedded) and I got to dive at Diepolder Sink #3, guided by James Draker. The sink looks like a little fish pond in the woods, and after a funnel shaped opening it busts out into a massive crystal clear room. Wall to wall is some 600ft across! The line is a simple circuit that...
  19. PfcAJ

    WTT: H-valve for normal DIN valve

    Looking to trade this H valve for a normal DIN valve, handwheel on the left side. Located in St Pete, but I make semi-frequent trips to High Springs, Tallahassee, and Orlando. Also willing to ship.
  20. PfcAJ

    Wtb: silicone reproduction diaphragm for DA Aquamaster

    Just looking for a reproduction diaphragm. Lemme know if you've got one you can part with :)
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