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  1. bvanant

    Backscatter macro wide 4300

    In general, using a video light even a very bright one is an exercise in high ISO shooting. If you think about light output, the YSD2 is about 5 orders of magnitude (100,000) times as bright but for 1000 times less time on. It can be done, and it will work but color balancing in post will be...
  2. bvanant

    How come I've never seen a focus light on a locline?

    There are two issues for using locline. Many (most) video folk use Locline but there are very nice locline adapters for most video housings. On photo-centric housings there is no really good way to mount a locline arm. We use these for attaching to the housing. Secondly you need a locline...
  3. bvanant

    Can someone explain the microscope settings at a kindergarten level? :-)

    There are only 2 apertures on the TG system. The effect of other apertures is created using a 3-stop ND filter. This is a surprise to many folks but it works (sort of). At the wide end the aperture is f/2 or f2/8 and f/8 with the ND filter. At the tele end the aperture are f/4.9 or f/6.3 and...
  4. bvanant

    For Sale For Sale -- Wide Angle port and lens for micro 4/3/Nauticam

    For sale is a very seldom used Zen coated glass 4 inch port the ZEN DP100 (Nauticam) and a pristine Panasonic 8 mm super wide angle lens (fisheye) Up your wide angle game with this port and lens that can be used on both Olympus and Panasonic cameras. New the DP100 is $1000 and the 8 mm lens is...
  5. bvanant

    S&S Now Fisheye

    Fisheye (the guys that make lights) has bought Sea and Sea. What now? Bill
  6. bvanant

    Photo editing program

    There are a zillion programs out there. DarkTable is quite good and free. Luminar is good and one time buy. If you want Photoshop like, there is GIMP. Many threads about that BVA
  7. bvanant

    I think it's time to invest! 📷

    For wreck and other wide angle pursuits, you could easily get by with an APS-C system and the Tokina 10-17 or with the Micro 4/3 system (OLY EM1 Mark II or Pany GH-5) and say the Laowa 7.5 mm or the OLY 8 mm or Leica 8-18. I shoot micro 4/3 and really like the size, particularly the ports which...
  8. bvanant

    Kraken hydra 8000

    It should have negligible effect on triggering. Bill
  9. bvanant

    Canon RF 100 Macro Lens

    Haven't tried that. Other lenses with the adapter (8-15) are also fast but hard to tell with that lens. Bill
  10. bvanant

    Canon RF 100 Macro Lens

    No dome, just the flat port. Focuses much faster than the 100 macro on the 5DMKIV. Bill
  11. bvanant

    Canon RF 100 Macro Lens

    It certainly is available; we dove yesterday with 2 of them. Bill
  12. bvanant

    Kraken hydra 8000

    I suspect that they are just mold flash. It seems extraordinarily unlikely to get 2 pieces broken in the same way. BVA
  13. bvanant

    Can't find replacement oring for mdx-d300

    O-rings and lubricants - they say they have one
  14. bvanant

    Can't find replacement oring for mdx-d300 they say they have 2 Bill
  15. bvanant

    Can't find replacement oring for mdx-d300

    can you measure it? Bill
  16. bvanant

    Mounting DGEx Video lights

    get two of these AC-USLm–Small flashlight bracket with 3/4″ diameter saddle-$32.95 from ULCS. Can mount to any ball mount Bill
  17. bvanant

    SOLD!!! ,

    still available? Bill
  18. bvanant

    Want to Buy Sherwood 6300

    If you have one let me know. Bill
  19. bvanant

    Nervous about upgrade: Subal w 7D -> Nautica w/ EOS6 (long!)

    Which camera? I thought the Nauticam R6 housing was already out. I have used Nauticam for years now and I think they are as durable as my old Subals. Parts for Nauticam are available everywhere so that should not be a worry. Going from cropped to FF is indeed an interesting issue, are your...
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