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  1. Kunk35

    M.U.D.D. 2016

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to say yes, with the understanding that there is a lot going on and it may turn into a no. But, It's a plan!!
  2. Kunk35

    Hey Timeliner!

    But I have a smiley after it. Everything is okay with a smiley after it....
  3. Kunk35

    Hey Timeliner!

    You suck..... and I mean that in the nicest way possible.... :)
  4. Kunk35

    Hey Timeliner!

    In our defense, we did invite Frank in a couple times, but to be honest, at 104 degrees, it was still a balmy 87 degrees in the camper with the AC on full blast. The nights were cool though. The night dive rocked. The most important par, our boy Ryan got open water certified!! :banana:
  5. Kunk35

    TSD Roster update

    Once a DIMWIT, FOREVER a dimwit I say. I'm pretty sure only death will remove you from the Texas Swamp Divers. At least that's the way I always understood it, so I'm goin with it.
  6. Kunk35

    Hey Timeliner!

    Tribe is intact for sure! I hear the drummin. Can't wait to camp and dive this weekend and witness Ryan joining us as we induct him into the loyal order of the Swamp Divers! Word has it that Rhonda is bringing brownies for old times sake.
  7. Kunk35

    Obnoxious boaters suck!

    It's not like the flag is 5" x 7". It's not microscopic. It's a dive flag I've seen flown a thousand times before. I've seen smaller ones flown. If it was a dive flag issue, then all dive flags that size would never be manufactured. What, is that just a wall decoration never meant to be used in...
  8. Kunk35

    Obnoxious boaters suck!

    From the picture I'm looking at, I can't see the size of the flag since the flag is edge on to the photographer. The only reason we know the size is the op posted it. It's not like it's the size of a stamp. It's still a decent sized flag easily seen. Again, add to that the big yellow tube it's...
  9. Kunk35

    Obnoxious boaters suck!

    So, the boat wasn't moving, either under power or by inertia, and he didn't see the big yellow tube, with the words "DIVER BELOW" on it, with a 20"x16" bright red flag with a white stripe that is in direct view of a boat operator on a flat surface? Is that what you are saying OK? If the boat...
  10. Kunk35

    Obnoxious boaters suck!

    I've been diving in this lake many times and I have to chime in. First, and this is one of the major issues involving lake diving/boat operating, is the fact that boaters should be required to have some sort of basic knowledge of boating rules including what a dive flag/float is and the proper...
  11. Kunk35

    Is Lake Texoma getting more clear visibility

    All the times I've been diving in Texoma, below 15' it turns into a night dive, and the best viz I've ever seen is about 6 ft near the East end of the lake. (not quite to the dam but within view) I fish Texoma a ton and I haven't seen much of a difference long term. At times it seems a bit...
  12. Kunk35

    Some Photos from Clear Springs Scuba Park in Terrell, Texas

    What are all the plants if they aren't hydrilla? And why does Robert have "Stay off the hydrilla" on his list of rules? Just wondering. Kory
  13. Kunk35

    Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Murray, Oklahoma

    I was just wondering what all the hubub was after reading a bit about them. Some say they are terrible. Some say they have some positive benefits. Some say they destroy populations of fish, others say they actually increase some populations of fish. The last article I read said they tend to not...
  14. Kunk35

    Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Murray, Oklahoma

    ---------- Post added May 20th, 2012 at 11:30 PM ---------- Whatever you had before will be replaced with whatever you get next. flots. I like this. That makes a lot of sense....
  15. Kunk35

    Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Murray, Oklahoma

    These little boogers are definitely everywhere there is a surface to attach to. I took several pics of them today. ---------- Post added May 20th, 2012 at 07:18 PM ---------- I've been reading about them online and I don't really understand what the fuss is about. I get that they clog up water...
  16. Kunk35

    Mammoth lake UW photo's taken on 19MAY2012

    Great pics. Looks like the visibility is pretty good. I don't see a lot of particles in the water like I'm used to seeing up here in lakes. Is it really that clear typically? Kory
  17. Kunk35

    Lake Murray, Ok 05/20/12 Anyone?

    I would like to buzz up to Lake Murray this weekend for some fresh water jelly hunting. Anyone going to be up there and need a buddy? Kory
  18. Kunk35

    Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Murray, Oklahoma

    I wish that were true. They don't seem to make a difference in Lake Texoma! I hate those little boogers. My son sliced his foot on some while swimming a few years ago at Texoma. Man they are as sharp as knives!
  19. Kunk35

    New to DFW...Need to get wet!

    There are several decent places to dive, and several "at least I'm underwater" places within a couple hours of DFW. One of the best would be Clear Springs Scuba Park in Terrell Tx. Very clean, very well kept, bathrooms with showers, electric camping sites, airfills, etc. Lake Murray just next...
  20. Kunk35

    What do Safe Divers do that Unsafe Divers don't?

    My wife and I were having more of this discussion this morning and she reminded me of my Advanced Open Water course I took as an example of what I consider unsafe diving. It's funny that I totally forgot about this. I don't remember, what was it they say is the first to go?? Anyway, during my...
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