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  1. wrybosome

    flying with can light battery

    Is there any problem flying domestically with a 10Ah Li-ion battery in checked luggage if I uninstall the battery and cover the terminals?
  2. wrybosome

    Buddy needed for Dutch tomorrow 8/23/15

    I'd like to get a couple of dives in tomorrow to troubleshoot some problems I had on my last boat dive. My usual buddy is unavailable. Other than needing maybe five minutes at the platforms I'm open to any dive plan. PM me here if interested.
  3. wrybosome

    Neck seal replacement

    I'm replacing the neck seal on Bare ATR with a DUI latex seal. So far I've cleaned and prepped the surfaces, and attached the suit neck flat to a round piece of plywood. Tonight I'll apply the contact cement and put the seal on. I'll be doing this freehand rather than buying any special...
  4. wrybosome

    current guidebook for FL?

    Hi all, We (wife and I) are probably coming down to FL for a week or so in September. The plan is to fly in to Orlando, drive south and stop somewhere between Jupiter and Ft Lauderdale for a few days of shore diving. Then drive on to Largo for a couple of days of wrecks and reefs. Other than...
  5. wrybosome

    Float and flag recommendations

    I need to pick up a float and diver flag. Any recommendations for ones which are durable, simple, visible, and not a big pain to use?
  6. wrybosome

    Allentown Newspaper article on Dutch Springs

    I have some issues with this article. Running his numbers regarding Dutch (16 fatalities in 29 years with 70,000 dives per year) I calculate a fatality rate of a little under 8 per million dives. That's well below driving rates. It's well below DAN's estimate of diver fatalities overall. For...
  7. wrybosome

    Gypsy Blood Stolt Dagali Sunday 7/26

    Due to an ear problem, I will not be able to use my spot on Gypsy Blood on Sunday to the Stolt Dagali. I have already paid and rather than let the spot go to waste am willing to give it away if anyone wants it. The boat requires that you be AOW, insured, and in possession of a realistic...
  8. wrybosome

    (ma-) lingering ear

    Hi all, On a dive 12 days ago I needed both hands to render some assistance to a diver on the anchor line near the surface and wound up with some mild left side middle ear barotrauma. The initial symptoms of feeling of fullness and discomfort started about 24 hrs post dive, and escalated to...
  9. wrybosome

    Low output on LED can light

    Hi all, So I have a Light Monkey 10/21 LED can light, and I thought I'd put my question out here on the board before I have to get an RMA or mail it to FL. To be clear, this is prelim to see if I can troubleshoot it at home before contacting the manufacturer. The light worked well for some...
  10. wrybosome

    NOAA and Thunder Bay rules

    Hi GLWC, Sorry if this has been covered recently but a quick search didn't turn the topic up. NOAA has a new draft plan to extend the Monitor NMS to the Outer Banks under the rules used at Thunder Bay. I'd like to hear opinions from divers who are regulars or experienced at Thunder Bay...
  11. wrybosome

    Trilam material sources

    Do the drysuit manufacturers make their own trilam, or is there a good source for it? I looked at google and mcmaster-carr for nylon/butyl/polyester sheets but came up empty. --- I am here:
  12. wrybosome


    Hi all, I was just curious if anyone's dived U-1105 near Piney Pt, MD. I didn't realize there was a shallow, intact U-boat in the Chesapeake! Any recommendations for a dive op down that way? Are there any site access limitations since it's a designated historic shipwreck? Thanks!
  13. wrybosome

    Identify this first stage?

    Hi, it bears no manufacturers mark that I can see other than 'cca0648'. One Hp, 4 LP ports.
  14. wrybosome

    DIY exhaust valve new installation question

    Good morning... I'm going to move the exhaust valve on my Bare ATR from it's current location which faces down when I'm in horizontal trim to one on the outside of my arm, between biceps/triceps, which will face up when I'm in trim. Plugging the current exhaust port with a plug seems self...
  15. wrybosome

    Bare ATR exhaust valve

    What is up with the location of the exhaust valve on this suit? I have to execute strange gyrations to get the valve in a position to vent. Diving in normal trim it points straight ahead. Is there some logic or reasoning to this that I'm not getting? Other than this I'm happy with the suit.
  16. wrybosome

    ?? for IFR pilots

    I'm trying to decode an IFR flight plan and am running into a little trouble. What are the 5 letter abbreviations used in the plan? I suppose they're not VOR beacons. Anyone have an explainer? I know you pilots are out there. Some sample mystery words: KENET PEMOB SLANY MALOT CRONO...
  17. wrybosome

    Flooded sealife mini II

    My mini flooded a few weeks ago on a freshwater dive. It wasn't just damp inside, the lens was visibly half full of water. On opening it about 10-20 mL of water drained from the case. Not having anything to lose I removed the back panel and placed it and the body in a one gallon paint can half...
  18. wrybosome

    Attaching reel/smb to backplate

    I usually carry a lift bag for this purpose and it lives in my thigh pocket but a boat I'm going on shortly has a req for a separate actual smb. So I got one and put a spool on it. I remember seeing lots of people attach them to the ventral side of their backplates but never looked at how they...
  19. wrybosome

    SPG placement

    A lot of the buddies I dive with are GUE trained and wear their spg clipped to the left hip d ring. This seems less convenient than the way I wear mine, where the hose is routed under my arm and shoulder strap then clipped to the left chest d ring. This allows me to see my pressure by just...
  20. wrybosome

    Drysuit trim

    Hi all, I started diving dry this year and am having trouble with keeping trim. I tend to go head down. Not a runaway air in the feet heading to the surface scenario, just light and floaty feet putting me firmly head down. My gear is: Bare HD suit 4th El arctic undies steel bp/w...
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