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  1. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: New tank pick-up / drop-off service @ Go West Diving, Playa Kalki

    Good news for Westpunt shore divers: The Go West Diving tank pick-up and drop-off service on the Playa Kalki parking lot started today for a test phase - no more hauling tanks up and down the stairs! Please visit us during shop opening hours, daily 8 am till 5 pm. We will continue having...
  2. Diver OnLu

    New Website of Go West Diving, Curacao

    Hello everybody, Go West Diving (formerly known as Ocean Encounters West), Curacao, has a new website: GO WEST Diving - EN - Home. With lots of information, as well as photos and videos, it's well worth having a look :) Greetings from Germany Andreas
  3. Diver OnLu

    Coral Spawning predictions for Curacao

    This might be an interesting link for divers coming to Curacao during the next 2 weeks, and hope to see some coral spawning - CARMABI made these predictions based on last year's experience...
  4. Diver OnLu

    New CURACAO NOW booking window starting soon!

    Hi SB members, For all of you who are considering visiting Curacao this year (again) the following link might be highly interesting: Curacao NOW | Great Deals for your trip to the Caribbean Island of Curacao Many hotels/apartments and dive operators (including All West Apartments and...
  5. Diver OnLu

    2 big Manta rays in Westpoint, Curacao!!!

    Hi there, Just 2 hours ago a group of Brazilian divers met 2 huge manta rays when diving Alice in Wonderland right in front of Ocean Encounters West dive shop. A bit later, the two giants (the bigger one with a wing span of approximately 15ft, the other one only slightly smaller!) had...
  6. Diver OnLu

    Air Jamaica special airfare offers for roundtrips from the US to Curacao

    Hi everybody, I just received an email with some special offers by Air Jamaica for roundtrip tickets from several locations in the US to Curacao. These offers are valid for travel through November 19th 2009, tickets must be purchased by September 15th 2009. You can find these offers...
  7. Diver OnLu

    Curacao - always interesting things going on!

    Hi ScubaBoarders, I just found an interesting link for divers interested in (underwater) photography and travel journalism: Curacao Ocean Encounters Breezes Sport Diver magazine and leading dive operators offer a unique experience on beautiful Curacao - check it out! Greetings from...
  8. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: Seahorse at Playa Kalki, Westpoint

    Hello to everybody, Two weeks ago, we found a new, and very beautiful seahorse on Curacao at Playa Kalki in Westpoint: Since I do not understand how to upload pictures to my threads here from my local drive (maybe Dogenia or Alashas can give me instructions on that), I have the pictures...
  9. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: Dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins, lately!

    Hi everybody, It is simply amazing, how many dolphins we get to see close to coast on the west end of Curacao, lately! From time to time our divers even get to swim and snorkel with them, like in front of Santa Cruz bay last Thursday; but most of the times they just pass by, and avoid divers...
  10. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: Frogfish at Lagun

    Hello everybody! Yesterday I found a beautiful yellow frog fish at dive site Lagun on Curacao. It is almost as big as my fist and sitting on a yellow sponge in a depth of 15.5m, not far away to the left from the boat mooring. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera with me, but it looks...
  11. Diver OnLu

    Curacao - 2 hour dolphin swim in front of All West Apartments

    Hi all, Again, i have to say that everything is possible on Curacao: Some of our guests had the pleasure of a very long dolphin encounter just snorkelling in front of All West Apartments in Westpoint - just follow the link "Divers Talk News Blog" on ..:: All West Curacao ::.. Kind regards...
  12. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: Elvin's Planewreck has a new look

    Hi there, After experiencing rough seas a bit more than one week ago, Elvin's Planewreck, one of the closeby divesites of Ocean Encounters West (Curacao), has changed its looks. You may want to check out the following link for more details: ..:: Ocean Encounters West ::.. The...
  13. Diver OnLu

    News in diving the western part of Curacao

    Hi all, For all who are interested: I started posting news like interesting marine life sightings and events at Ocean Encounters West using the following link: ..:: Ocean Encounters West ::.. Feedback is always welcome! Kind regards from Curacao Andreas
  14. Diver OnLu

    Whale Shark at All West Curacao!

    Hi Divers, Over weeks now, we have been spotting eagle rays on a regular basis, same as 2 seahorses living right in front of All West Apartments Curacao. On Tuesday this week, however, all this was topped by the most exciting encounter with a gigantic whale shark (at least 24ft...
  15. Diver OnLu

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself

    Hello to everybody on this forum, I am new to this community and would like to introduce myself and the dive facilities I work for to you: My name is Andreas, and I work for All West Apartments & Diving - Ocean Encounters West as a dive instructor. I also engage in apartment rentals. We...
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