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  1. First_time_UWphotograper


    Cancun Cozumel & Cenote's
  2. robway034

    Mares Dragon AT

    Awesome bcd... However I wouldn't disagree with any of its detractors. I've still got mine but hardly use it anymore since getting a dive-rite transpac. The transpac is wonderful because its modular. Travel wing and a rebreather wing are all I need for every kind of diving I do! The dragon is...
  3. robway034

    What BCD are you using with your RB

    I have the MKVI and I am debating what type of BCD to you with it. At the top of the "wish list" right now is DiveRite Transpac (with side mount butt plate) with CCR wing. Also, Hollis advertises that their side-mount BCD works will RB. So what are you guys using and/or what do you like...
  4. robway034

    Poseidon MK VI?

    The MKVI is an upgradeable eCCR. You can even purchase the unit with the "tech" upgrades day one, if you so choose but only after you've had the proper training. Anyway, Poseidon MKVI units have user-swappable battery/computer modules. The standard module comes with the ref-diver limits...
  5. robway034

    Why did you choose your rebreather?

    As the proud owner of a Poseidon MKVI I have to be perfectly honest and admit that it was the price and the free training, that sealed the deal. I am a PADI-Pro and my LDS wanted certified assistants and instructors on the systems that they where dealer/instructors for. You guessed it the MKVI...
  6. robway034

    Honest question for you dive masters instructors out there

    I was speaking jokingly/metaphorically... LOL... I realize I wasn't the DM in question...
  7. robway034

    Honest question for you dive masters instructors out there

    I've been a DM/PADI-Pro for well over a decade. I thought about what he was asking and have to admit (after some internal struggle) that I would be a bit agitated at someone asking to see my Black Card. I KNOW that any and all divers, in my care, should be able to see my certs on demand but...
  8. robway034

    PADI: How do I cancel my certification?

    This has to be one of the craziest threads I've ever read!
  9. robway034

    scuba pro twin jets in orange

    I know that this post is really old but.... SCUBAPRO "Orange" is for instructors only and I see that you have a pro-rating so... If your shop is a SCUBAPRO dealer have them call/email/contact your SP rep. Given the time that has passed since your post, they may only have the new Seawings in...
  10. robway034

    AOW immediately after OW?

    Get your gear. At the same time, take your time in choosing what you purchase to make sure it's what's best suited for you. NOT what's "new" most highly though of by your peers, per-se... but what best suits your needs and emerging diving style/preferences. Your argument makes a ton of sense...
  11. robway034

    Dacor Viper which model do I have?

    A Dacor Viper! Wow... talk about a blast from the past! First things first. The Viper has been discontinued and Dacor as a company was purchased by MARES a few years back but don't panic because you can still get parts for the viper. MARES is still manufacturing the Viper as the "M.V...
  12. robway034

    Mares Nemo Excel

    To dove-tail off of what Zack (the admitted expert). That "circle" you are seeing, is actually the IR sensor-interface for downloading with your IRIS.
  13. robway034

    Mares Nemo Excel

    Anything Mechanical can fail, including something as simple as a screw! Or they could simply be mistaken too! So what the heck am I saying? Well; If you are a loyal customer it would seem to me that your shop wouldn't want to risk questioning your integrity and/or loosing you as a customer. I...
  14. robway034

    AOW immediately after OW?

    Got to agree with dhuskins on the "insisting" part of what classes you take especially those that might put any new diver (unsupervised) into "deeper water" so to speak. I have always been a little leery of the OW-2-AOW in a day. Even if a diver is confident, it can lead to some less than...
  15. robway034

    Fairfax dive shops?

    Our TDI instructor is Kevin (also our PADI Master Instructor). The main thing that we are offering is extended range, advanced nitrox and Deco are the ones that are most readily available. That means that the books are on hand. Sometimes it can take a few days for TDI to get the books out to...
  16. robway034

    Fairfax dive shops?

    I guess I should be happy that she managed to single out one person but be that as it may: Let me offer the following: I totally respect her decision not to patronize SS/SCUBA (Not that you need or care about my respect one way or the other) but it's NOT THE SAME PERSON OR SHOP! Currently all...
  17. robway034

    How wet should a Poseidon Jetstream breath?

    I have no problems with my jetstreams breathing wet at all! They breath dry in every position. I guess I have just been lucky.., oh yeah, I have a SeaCure mouth piece on it too.
  18. robway034

    Which regulator do you own?

    I own a Mares Proton Xtreme for hte cold water stuff and it has never frozen. My last cold water dive was in about 39 deg of water (which is about as cold as I care to dive in). Aside from that I have used my SCUBAPro X650/Mk25 cause it breaths so sweet but it actualy froze-up once. I just...
  19. robway034

    Adding air to BC (how often)

    not for nothing but: I wouldn't get too concerned about this particular issue at the moment. Get through your dives, follow the advice of your instructor...FIRST. What I mean by "first" is; that you instructor is there an can actually observe what you are (or aren't) doing. Where you need...
  20. robway034

    Where to buy my 1st Bare drysuit, and which one?

    I don't know too much about where to buy, but I will toss in my opinion as to which one to buy! I just switched from a TL350 to the Bare HD Tech and I couldn't be happier. I haven't looked back with an ounce of regret, overall. Things I found to be different. The Bare is a much more rugged...
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