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    Northeast Scuba Supply is Hiring - Part timers

    Hi All, Northeast Scuba Supply, Inc. is hiring part time Saturday help. Work 1 Saturday a month and get some amazing benefits. We are easy going and ask very little other than to treat the customer the way you want to be treated. If interested please contact me via emai: John Allen...
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    Overstock Items

    Well I did it again. I can not help myself and got some great deals on Military surplus. The items are brand new and were never issued. They are what is considered overstock. This is what is left over after the contract has been completed. Check them out here: John's Surplus...
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    UW Light Dude Light Clearance

    Hi All, we still have some of the 2014 model UW Light Canister lights left. We are clearancing out what is left. Check it out. UW Light Dude Canister Lights Thanks John Northeast Scuba Supply
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    Scubapro/Uwatec Closeout

    Hi All, I got a batch of new closeout Scubapro and Uwatec Stuff. You can view it here. Scubapro Clearance - Northeast Scuba Supply Store Thanks John
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    Henderson Boots - Gloves - Wetsuits - 80% Off

    Ok, here you go. we got a great deal on some Henderson Closeouts. They can all be viewed right here Crazy John Specials Low Top Boots - $9.99 7mm Boots- $9.99 H2 Gloves XL - $9.99 H2 Womens Suits - $79.99 Thanks John Northeast Scuba Supply
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    Lots of Used Dive Gear

    Hi All, we just took in a ton of used stuff. You can view it here at: Used Gear - JUST ADDED - Northeast Scuba Supply Store Thanks John
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    Northeast Scuba Supply, Inc. - Deal of the Day Specials

    Northeast Scuba Supply, Inc. is hosting daily deals on certain items at incredible prices. All items are brand new they include Closeouts, Specials and just stuff we find when cleaning the shop. The items might have scuffs, no packaging or dust but all are brand new and have full manufacturer...
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    AV1 Dive Computer at North East Scuba Supply

    We are pleased to announce that we are a dealer for the AV1 dive computer. Please contact us at the shop at 610-631-2288 for more information.
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    Brand New Cam Bands - Only $11.99

    Hi All, I just got a great deal on some closeout cam bands. They are brand new. You Can View them Here: Bulk Purchase Cam Straps - Plastic Version - Northeast Scuba Supply Store Normally $24.00 Crazy John $11.99 You Save 50% Standard Length Bulk Purchase cam straps...
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    Apeks tx 50 yoke clamp connector

    T-Roy I just found two of these in the back if you want one just call the shop at 610-631-2288 Thanks John Northeast Scuba Supply
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    Used Scuba Equipment

    I just put up lots of used gear on the website. I am right now rebuilding about 50 valves and manifolds and should have them up online tomorrow. If you would like to check them out here is the page. Used Gear - JUST ADDED - Northeast Scuba Supply Store Thanks John
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    Northeast Scuba Supply Flea Market This Saturday

    Hi All, we are having a Flea Market This Saturday. All are welcome to setup just give us a call. We have right now it looks like at least ten tables of people putting stuff up. Most of this is from Northeast Wreck Divers so you can expect quality stuff. Northeast Scuba Supply 919 North...
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    Apeks Reg Closeouts

    Check it out all. We just got the best deal we have ever had on two Apeks Reg Packages. They are right on the front page at
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    FREE Apeks Octopus with purchase of any Apeks Regulator- Expires October 31st.

    They are the brand new model, I need to update the website pics :)
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    FREE Apeks Octopus with purchase of any Apeks Regulator- Expires October 31st.

    Buy a great regulator and receive a free Octopus. Regulators - Apeks Regulators - Northeast Scuba Supply Store We also added a bunch of new great gear, Check it out on our website. We now carry Dive Soft He/02 Analyzers, Agir-Brook and ATS Diving Products. For anybody looking to get into...
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    Lots of Used Scuba Gear

    I have been putting used scuba gear up for the last two weeks. check it out here: Thanks John
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    Lots of Used Gear

    We just got in a ton of used gear. I just put up used Apeks regs, Bottom Timers, Canister Lights, wings, backplates and more. Check it out here: -- John AllenNortheast Scuba Supply, Inc. 919 North Trooper Road Norristown, PA 19403...
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    4th Element Drysuits

    Hi All, we just got in the new Fourth Element Drysuits. You can view them here: See ya John
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    Closeout and Used Wings, Backplates, Sidemount and Transpacs

    Hi All, we got a ton of New old Stock and used Dive rite Items in. Right now I have wings up but will have backplates, transpacs and sidemount up tomorrow. Check it out here: Thanks John
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    Dive Transplate - Old Logo Closeout - Only $79.99

    Hi All, we are trying to clean up some of our Crazy John Specials. We about 200 left of the transplates on special with the old logo. They are all brand new just waiting to be rigged to your backplate. You can check them out here
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