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  1. H20lover

    Dive Condition Reports

    Sunday CSSP Surface Temp:89 degrees Water: 82 degrees 25' Depth: 77 degrees 31' Depth: 72 degrees Visibility: 16-18' at the platforms Wall visibility: 3-8' due to divers in areas Both boats visibility: 10' Plane visibility: 8-10' Abundant marine life and slight algae. Beautiful day, picture...
  2. Superstructure in background

    Superstructure in background

    Heading for the deck at 145'
  3. Superstructure hole

    Superstructure hole

    USS Oriskiny dive 05/31/2010
  4. Tower Structure

    Tower Structure

    USS Oriskiny dive 05/31/2010
  5. Whale Shark

    Whale Shark

    USS Oriskiny dive 05/31/2010
  6. Oriskiny Stack

    Oriskiny Stack

    USS Oriskiny dive 05/31/2010
  7. Whale Shark during deco

    Whale Shark during deco

    USS Oriskiny dive 05/31/2010
  8. H20lover

    Galileo Trimix?

    The response I'm getting is mid June from Scubapro reps. Was going to get rid of my Sol because of the lack of Trimix. Glad I hung on to it!
  9. H20lover

    WTB-Manifold for PST 120's 300 bar

    Tall neck presume to be 5/8" threads. Must have iso valve. Contact here... Thanks.
  10. H20lover

    Uwatec IrDa - latest for JTRAK

    I have one I'll sell you cheap! Let me know if you want it.
  11. H20lover

    Dive Condition Reports

    Date: 05/09/2009 Temperature mid day: 75 Degrees Water Temp : 65 Degrees to thermocline @ 26' Water Temp : 1st thermocline 59 degrees Visibility : 10' dropping around shoreline Silt layer 6' below surface lot of plant matter Wind : 2-3 knots. Floating debris from bottom minimal.
  12. H20lover

    New iPhone App - iScubaPlan - [pics] + [video]

    Brock... You rock! Thanks for iDeco and iScubaPlan. I'm a big fan of iDeco. The iScubaPlan looks beautiful.
  13. H20lover

    Technical Divemaster Upgrade

    I too am interested since I am finishing up Advanced Trimix and studying to become a Divemaster. So... If I become a Divemaster, I presume my duties will include such? What happens when I cert. out of Inspiration/Evolution Rebreather? Thanks! Theresa
  14. H20lover

    CSSP Navigation Map?

    Cruiser here on the boards has a detail heading and kick map of the entire lake. I think she even updated new headings for the mine and coffin, in addition to the alligator. I know we were trying hard to hit the mine but she found it all by herself. Hit her up for a copy. I'm sure she wouldn't...
  15. H20lover

    Uwatec IrDa - latest for JTRAK

    To add to the list of limitations... It's not compatible with the Galileo line of computers. So... there you have it.:hmmm: I had to buy a PC just to run these programs for dive planning and dive logs. (There are some of us creative types that use Apple!!!:crafty:)
  16. H20lover

    Cheap IrDA dongle for Uwatec computers

    Hello Fellas, I have an IrDA Dongle with driver disk for sale. I don't need it any longer since my PC has an IR built in. Worked fine for me. I'll ship it for $12.00. Paid nearly 25.00 cuz I wanted it right away to download my logs from my Sol. Let me know...
  17. H20lover

    Galileo Sol with transmitter SALE!!!

    One major drawback for me has been the lack of multi-gas (Trimix) software enhancements. It does Nitrox fine but beyond that there doesn't seem to be any upgrades in the works according to Uwatec/Scubapro USA. I'm looking long and hard at a Liquidvision X1 to replace the Galileo SOL even if I...
  18. H20lover

    What computer would you recommend for Tek Diving?

    I have to agree with the Capt. As Tech goes, you must plan your dive and dive your plan. Sorry, there is no room for "fudging". :shakehead: But if you must dive computers I would recommend the Liquidvision X1. Still, I would make sure my tablet is with me. (I want to be able to go home.)
  19. H20lover


    Got mine today! Nice work John. Thanks again!!
  20. H20lover

    Scubapro Uwatec Galileo Sol transmitter errors

    Gheez! Tell me where you got it for such a price!!!
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