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  1. ScbaMom

    Phoenix Area Dive Buddies? (Or groups?)

    Check out ElMar Dive Center in Mesa. Tonia, the owner, has scheduled trips to San Carlos on a regular basis. I been on multiple trips and we have never had a problem. They are a great group of people to go with. They also dive lake pleasant with Diver Down.
  2. ScbaMom

    St Thomas and St Maartin/Martin dive ops that the cruise lines use?

    If you are stopping in St Thomas contact Aqua Marine. They are the best on the island. I have been down there three times and have never been disappointed. Ana And Wolf are the owners and the nicest folks you will meet. They keep their groups small so they can provided a personal experience.
  3. ScbaMom

    Diving San Diego Ocean Beach area?

    I will be in San Diego next week and wanted to do some diving. I will be staying around the Marston Point area and wondered if anyone would be interested in providing some info on dive shops and sites worth while visiting. I will need a dive shop with gear for rent and a DM for a guide as I...
  4. ScbaMom

    Hello from Phoenix

    tep, yes SI is still around. I get tanks from the shop on Central. They are nice people and I have had good experiences with them. I get over to SD every once in a while maybe you can show me some of the local dive spots next time I go over?
  5. ScbaMom

    Hello from Phoenix

    ScubaSteve, to answer your questions, I have dove Lake Pleasant (cold), Hawaii, Barbados, Florida coast and Mexico. I am planning to dive California, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and Belize this year (2008). I normally plan my own trips but recently lost my dive buddy and my sons can't always go...
  6. ScbaMom

    Drysuit Class

    El Mar Dive shop has one January 11, 2008. The web site is El Mar Diving Center, PADI Drysuit Diver
  7. ScbaMom

    Hello and Happy Holidays from Barbados

    It has been a couple of years since I have been there. How are things in Barbados? Can't wait to visit again. Do you operate out of Bridgetown?
  8. ScbaMom

    Hello from Phoenix

    Hi all, I created my profile on this site a while back but have not been very active. I have learned a lot from just reading the posts. If anyone is interesed in diving leaving from the Phoenix area let me know. Have gear, will travel. Let's dive!:)
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