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  1. Dirty-Dog

    Petrel 2 and Ubuntu 18.04

    In the past, I have run Subsurface on my Linux boxes to keep my logs. I take my Surface Pro 3 running Ubuntu with me on trips and then make backups when we get home. Ubuntu recently released 18.04 and I am currently updating my various computers. But, apparently, Subsurface doesn't support...
  2. Dirty-Dog

    DEET? We don need no steenkin DEET....

    Just a reminder to folks not to forget the bug spray. We headed home on the 7th. By the time we got to DFW, Kim and I were feeling a bit bleh. Not too bad, probably just travel. You know how it is. By the time we got to Denver, I was hating life. I was admitted for sepsis, with a pulse of 140...
  3. Dirty-Dog

    Information/opinions - Belize Dive ops

    We are planning a trip to Belize in January, staying at Coco Beach, so now it's time to investigate dive shops. Tuf Enuff (the in-house shop), Chuck & Robbies, and White Sands are the shops we're looking at. Personal experiences with these shops? Do they pick up at the resort pier? Are they...
  4. Dirty-Dog


    I looked, but can't seem to find the October thread... It's freaking AUGUST. Surely somebody has started it?
  5. Dirty-Dog

    Paradise Island

    Sue, Kim and I are going to be staying at the Riu Palace on Paradise Island for a week in July. We have not settled on a dive op yet. Recommendations for a dive op that picks up on Paradise Island, and does shark dives? We prefer small boats/groups. Thanks.
  6. Dirty-Dog

    Z Gear BCD Light Mount

    Full Disclosure: I have no financial or personal relationship with the folks at Z Gear. I was given this BCD mount to review with no stipulations, editing or preview of the review by the supplier. Z Gear supplied mount with both the standard (for harness webbing up to 3.5") and larger strap...
  7. Dirty-Dog


    I cannot seem to find a working link to the Workbench dive planning software. The link on the Dive Rite blog leads to the "Computers and Gauges" catalog, but no software downloads. I've looked under the "Downloads" link for the Nitek Q, but no luck. Can you point me in the right direction? I'd...
  8. Dirty-Dog

    What did Santa bring you?

    In the past, I seem to recall a tradition of sharing what Santa brought. I don't see it started yet this year, so here goes.... A set of HOG D1 doubles regs.
  9. Dirty-Dog

    Car keys

    This may strike some as a stupid question, but what the hell... We're leaving October 4th for our first visit to Bonaire. The consensus here (and what you're told by the rental companies) is to leave your truck unlocked. OK. Fine. I have no problem with that. But I don wonder... What do you do...
  10. Dirty-Dog

    Dive Shop Recommendation

    My youngest daughter is in Waxahachie. She wants to try SCUBA. She did a DSD at her University, but it was pool only. What I am looking for is a dive shop somewhere in that area that does DSD classes that include actual ocean dives. They're graduating in December, and I'd like to get her...
  11. Dirty-Dog

    Belize in May

    Having already booked our fall trip (Bonaire in October), I'm investigating options for our Spring trip. Sue wants the Bahamas. Kim wants Belize. I'm tasked with the job (as usual) of researching and presenting them with the options. Not being at all familiar with Belize, I'm seeking opinions on...
  12. Dirty-Dog

    Lucky guy...

    So I was talking to a friend tonight. Now I'm annoyed. He is a PADI OW diver with 10-12 dives logged, all of which have been either pool dives or short shallow dives in the local res. He recently decided to purse PADI AOW training through a LDS. Like other shops in this area, they do their OW...
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  14. Dirty-Dog

    Favorite Cozumel night dive site?

    Title sums it up: what's your favorite Cozumel site, specifically for night diving?
  15. Dirty-Dog

    Information seeking

    Sue, Kim and I are looking into a trip to Bonaire, probably in Oct of 2014. We've been to Curacao once, but this will be our first trip to Bonaire, and I've some questions for those who've been there. We're looking at the Plaza Resort because we like all inclusives and this seems to be the only...
  16. Dirty-Dog

    New Hammerhead Species!

    New hammerhead shark species found off South Carolina - NBC So... good luck identifying it, but still cool news.
  17. Dirty-Dog

    February 2014 Cozumel thread

    I don't see that anybody has started this yet, even though it's only three months away. The Official Cozumel list - February 2014 Dirty Dog + two, February 11-20, Cozumel Palace, Aldora Divers.
  18. Dirty-Dog

    Key Largo advise

    We are in the planning stages for our next dive trip, which will be Key Largo in November. We're probably going to stay at the Holiday Inn, in part because I see it referenced here as being a decent place to stay and 'walk out of the inn and onto the dock' convenient. Any other places I need to...
  19. Dirty-Dog

    Official Oahu In May Thread

    There's always one of these going on for Cozumel, and when we go there we participate. But never here... let's fix that. We will be on Oahu May 1-13th. We're diving with Kaimana Divers May 1-10. Anybody else going to be there?
  20. Dirty-Dog

    Cam band weight pockets

    I'm switching from a SeaQuest Balance to a BP/W. One thing I liked about the Balance was the weight pockets up by the shoulder - made trim easier since I tend to have heavy feet. I know I can thread weights through the cam bands, just like onto a weight belt, but is there any good reason why a...
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