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  1. gekodivebali

    Info on Visa extension in Indonesia

    To all lucky travellers heading to Indonesia soon, I'd like to give a quick Visa update to the Scubaboard community, so they avoid sticky situations. For divers from many countries, there are now 2 types of Visa on arrival: Free Visa On Arrival and Paid Visa On Arrival (35USD). Travellers lucky...
  2. gekodivebali

    URGENT: Nikon D300 to buy on Bali

    Hi Scubaboarders, One of our valued Geko Divers has unfortunately ended up with a flooded housing on the first few days of his diving holiday. His camera is bust and we are looking at sourcing a second hand one asap on Bali. Does anyone have such a camera they would like to part of with?
  3. gekodivebali

    Bauer or Coltri?

    As the title reads, would you recommend Bauer or Coltri? This is to be used in tropical, warm and moist places for a shop. Looking at 200l/min options. There is a 35% price difference!
  4. gekodivebali

    IWUPC 2013 - Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest - Official PDO Announcements

    Dear photographers, I'm sure most of you have already heard of the Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013. This competition is entirely free to enter. Any photographer can submit pictures taken in Indonesia between January 1st and November 30th 2013. The total cash prize is over USD...
  5. gekodivebali

    Softening nylon webbings

    Does anyone know a way to soften nylon webbings? Been using the same webbings on my backplate for a couple of years. Their incredible stiffness was no problem until I started using some rubber rings on my waist straps allowing me to reposition my S80 cylinders when their buoyancy changes (mains...
  6. gekodivebali

    At20-us4 worldwide availability

    Is the at20-us4 model being phased out globally by Apeks? I'm trying to buy 10 full sets for my shop locally (Indonesia) and am told to expect a 2-3 months delivery time. The sole distributor even had the guts to hint that i should upgrade to the Xtx20-ust version for only 100 something dollars...
  7. gekodivebali

    Problem uploading Petrel dives since upgrade of Desktop Software

    Hope some of the good folks at Shearwater Research will get back to me soon on this one. I just updated the Shearwater desktop software to versions 2.2.14 on OSX 10.8.2. Since the update, I can no more upload my dives from my Petrel computer. I systematically get an error #175 showing up. This...
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