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  1. Solly

    Red sea south Egypt trip report

    Hello, just came back from a 1 week liveaboard out from hamata. It was very good.. weather was excellent with no high swell. It was M/Y Gehan, with about 20 divers on board. The boat was very well maintained, service was of very high quality, always tanks are filled in time for the dive (some...
  2. Solly

    Vacation report, Iberotel Lamaya and Coraya divers... marsa alam

    I just had a good 6 day vacation in Iberotel lamaya resort with family and kids (8-6-2) I was not targeting to dive but had my gear with me anyway. The hotel is very nice, friendly staff, many things to do all over the day so that kept wife and kids busy somehow so I had the chance to head to...
  3. Solly

    liveaboard trip deep south: st. john and sattaya... photos

    Hi mates, I just had a wonderful week deep south... sea condition was great giving us the chance to do whatever sites we wanted to... water temperature between 24-26 ... we were fortunate to see almost something specific for each dive... reef sharks was a common sighting, mantas, turtles...
  4. Solly

    mini trip on the northern wrecks

    Just came back from a 3 days trip targeting the northern wrecks. We started from Hurghada early on Friday and back to the marina on Sunday around 5. We were targeting to dive some reefs on our way to Abunahas, spend a day for the wrecks there then cross to Thistlegorm doing 2 dives and then back...
  5. Solly

    Am I bent?

    Hello experts, I will describe first my dive profile then state my symptoms and timeline ... I had 4 dives in 2 consecutive days. First day I had very little sleep at night (only 3 hours) and I had a lot of tension before that day. First dive to maximum 14.5m for 28 minutes (average depth 10m)...
  6. Solly

    Help needed from anyone in dahab !

    What is the current water temperature.... ? heading there in two days and don't know which suit to pack !!! anyhelp is really appreciated... Thanks
  7. Solly

    interesting event :)

    Dahab Festival I would plan to go at least for a day or two :)
  8. Solly

    dolphins :)

    Hello ... 2 days ago we were having a dive near Hurghada, the dive itself was not impressive until we met 7 of these lovely creatures ... here are some photos... enjoy :)
  9. Solly

    site maintenance screen always pops to me

    Hello, t has been for few days now when I type ScubaBoard - ScubaBoard Home I get : is temporarily offline for maintenance, the site should return in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience. Now, if I follow a link it shows, if I type ScubaBoard - ScubaBoard Home .. I get...
  10. Solly

    Few spots available, brothers mini trip

    Guys, we have few places left in our annual brothers mini trip (4 days, 2 of them on the brothers) It should start on the 22nd of July (arrival and check in to the boat on the 21st) If anyone is interested PM me.
  11. Solly

    Did it really snow on Sharm yesterday?

    Guys in sharm, mainly Crowly :) did it really snow yesterday or was it some exaggerating news report? how is your Thistlegorm trip?
  12. Solly

    extended range ...

    How can I get extended range training? what are the pre-requisites for that for someone having PADI AOWD and CMAS *** ? What is the maximum depth that would be allowed after being certified?
  13. Solly

    brothers trip July 23-26

    Hello SB, just came back from a mini trip to the brothers islands. Great place, very nice corals and lots of sharks :D Definitely I would go again if I have a chance.... One note, I was told that the weather conditions are usually very tough and currents are really a nightmare but what...
  14. Solly

    using a reel for SMB release?

    Last week I had a dive where it was my first time to try to release my SMB connected to the reel while being on the safety stop. I did that before but the SMB had its own string, so it was my first time to use the reel. Should I restrict the reel to 5m where the SMB is just above me? this was...
  15. Solly

    Dahab and Sharm

    Guys in Dahab and Sharm.. how is the weather nowadays, is it as hot as Cairo? What about the actual water temperature this week?
  16. Solly

    first dive in 3 months !!!

    Hi, I was busy since January when I had my last dive and it was daily in Hurghada... then last week I went on a mini trip for 2 days to Abunahas and Gobal... :banana: it was fantastic, the sea was very calm but the water was cold for my 3/2 mm wetsuit.. it was 22 degrees ... the wrecks in...
  17. Solly

    brass vs. stainless steel

    This might be a simple question but if I have to choose between 2 clips one shiny 'heavy' yellow brass and the other is also a shine 'lighter' silver stainless steel... both come from the same manufacturer and I have to take only one of them .... which one is better, why?:D
  18. Solly

    wet breathe reasons?

    If someone is experiencing wet breath, what might be the problem? I know the advise would be get the regulator serviced, but I want to know what is the most probable cause for having water mist in the air... There is no leak (breathing with the regulator not attached to a tank reveals no leaks)...
  19. Solly

    what does an unadjusted IP symptoms be?

    Hello, I have 2 questions in fact: 1- If the IP is not adjusted to the manufacturer specs, what would the damage or performance issues be...? 2- would it differ if the IP is higher or lower?
  20. Solly

    regulator up or down?

    Does a first stage has an upright position ? I have a jetstream, I was just looking at it to discover that if I change the position of my second stage from left to right, then I would connect the regulator to the tank upside down compared to the current setup... does this make any difference...
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