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  1. Solly

    Advice For Hurgarda , End Of April.

    elgouna is a bit more expensive on average compare to hurghada.... hurghada has the extremes of expensive accommodation and cheap ones so you have the choice currently I think that tourism is very weak hence you can find good deals... hurghada diving is good, but good sites need the boat to...
  2. Solly

    Red sea (liveaboard +shore) in february?

    conditions would not differ much compared to April, just little bit cooler but the wind and waves more or less the same. visibility is always good (better than summer)
  3. Solly

    Red Sea July?

    less than a week ago a friend of mine was lucky enough for a couple of hammerheads near jackson reef in tiran and a whaleshark in yolanda reef ras mohamed :) so it fits in your schedule for July but would they still be there for you ;)
  4. Solly

    south Sudan cruise.. looking for 5 divers

    which boat? where are you boarding from? price?
  5. Solly

    Best Resort / Dive Shop in southern Egypt for October

    iberotel coraya resort has several hotels and served by coraya divers, a nice place to stay and good operation in the dive center : 10 minutes out of marsa alam airport heading north If you want a more primitive resort (you still have water and electricity and good food but staying in tents or...
  6. Solly

    Brothers water temp

    depends on your tolerance to water temperature. It should be around 25-26 degrees in the brothers, 27-28 saint john... enjoy
  7. Solly

    SDI Centres in Egypt?

    great, enjoy !
  8. Solly

    Egypt to scrap visa on arrival for foreigners

    Crowley, nice to hear from you again mate :)
  9. Solly

    SDI Centres in Egypt?

    where are you targeting to get the course? Contact Sameh Sokar in dahab, he is a tdi instructor an fun to dive with. PM me if you want my contact if you need to ask more about Egyptian diving in Egypt :)
  10. Solly

    Red Sea Liveaboard/Itinerary choice

    brothers- daedalus-elphinstone route should give you the best of red sea as per your list
  11. Solly

    Diving In Jeddah (KSA)

    I would expect that but attribute it to less/no traffic or divers harassing the reef....
  12. Solly

    Southern Red Sea liveaboard

    contact redsea diving safaris for their lahami village, they use speed boats to dive the fury, check this map: Red Sea Diving Safari - Marsa Alam - Wadi Lahami The packages include some dives in these zones but mostly you will pay for the speed boat dives, contact them for more details.
  13. Solly

    Alternatives to now-defunct Emperor Thistlegorm Overnight trip from Hurghada?

    contact divers lodge, their website say they can do it: Safaris | Divers Lodge Also I knew that colona divers used to so this mini safari, contact them and check, I knew they require minimum 4 divers to operate this trip: Colona Divers My point is that February is tricky, you might face high...
  14. Solly

    Southern Red Sea liveaboard

    set it up with your dive operator, he should have the required transportation to reach hamata in time for the boat arrival (most probably boat is having another trip and will just drop divers to land and pick you (and your trip mates) up) If you are arriving 3 days earlier, are you planning to...
  15. Solly

    Sharm El-Sheikh F.A.Q.

    in fact no :D
  16. Solly

    Sharm El-Sheikh F.A.Q.

    Shorty in November is fine but never in April or even may.... water is too cold to dive in a shorty before late june !
  17. Solly

    Red Sea Visibility

    you can get this visibility in winter time, February time frame is the best
  18. Solly

    Egypt Dive Destinations

    late october is a good chance for longimanus sightings... donno whether they will stay for early november or not :) south is far better regarding 2 and 3 above, for 1 the coral in sharm are nice while dahab is normal... south is different and beautiful.
  19. Solly

    3G or 4G mobile internet options in Sharm, Dahab, Hurghada?

    yuo can get it from any vodafone, mobinil or etisalat store... the point though is that service quality will differ among 3 providers depending on where you are .. so at certain place yuo will find vodafone is great but at another spot you would hardly connect and so on... anyway check in the...
  20. Solly

    Hamata first week of January

    check redseadiving safari website, they have 3 locations starting shagra village 20km norht of marsa alam (20-30 minutes in rib from elphinstone), nakari 20 km south of elhonstone and lahami in hamata... they offer many packages including shore dives, boat dives ..etc. Red Sea Diving Safari -...
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