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    Icewurst 2012

    Icewurst 2012 is a vintage diving event that will be held at Fortune Pond, Crystal River Upper Michigan, May 18th - 20th. You need not dive vintage to attend the event. If your interested in vintage diving, that's a plus. If you would like to try a well tuned double hose regulator with some...
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    Nikonos Extension tubes

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    Double hose regs

    I was reading a thread in the basic forum about who owns tanks. Beside my al80's I also own three steel 72's. These are specificly for shorediving and for my double hose regulator collection. I currently own four double hose regs and they are all fun to dive. My first one was a Dacor Diving...
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    Latex neck seals

    I just bought a new dry suit that has latex seals. As I have an 18 inch neck the neck seal is tight. The dive shop told me to lube it with a little silicone and stretch it over a scuba tank for a few days. The owners manual says to do that for neoprene but not latex seals. So, what works...
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    Deep Nikonos II

    I am looking at photographing a wreck that lies in 167 fow. Thats the outer limits for my old Nikonos II. The dive plan is to spend the precious bottom time cruising the deck of an old schooner at 150 fow and snap pictures as I go. Any special precautions camerawise? I've had her down 125...
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    Real Great Lakes Diving

    For all you guys who seem to hang out in quarries the Real Great Lakes are ready. The bottom temps are 35 or better now so its time to do some real diving. See you out there. Jim
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    Mermet Springs Area Lodging

    I've dove Mermet before, but I have always driven in from my sisters house near ST. Louis. I'm planning on going down there in April with a couple divers in tow and was wondering where the best place to stay is. Any opinions?? As long as I'm asking, any good watering holes around there? How...
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    Southeast Wisconsin

    :14: Anybody still divin' around these parts? Just got my dry suit back, just after lake Michigan kicked up a fuss again. Just let it calm down for a day or two and settle out. I'll be back! Jim
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    Nikonos Extension tubes

    I recently aquired a set of extension tubes to use with my Nikonos II. I have an old Oceanic 2000 flash that works well and should be suitable for use with them. As I have never used extension tubes with an underwater rig, I was wondering if anybody would have any tips to share to shorten the...
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    Door County

    I dove Door county Wisconsin on Sunday. We did Porcupine Bay and the wreck of the Fleetwing. The viz was awesome as it usually is at the tip of the Door penensula, over fifty feet both places. A little tricky getting in over slippery rocks but well worth the efforts. Here is a photo of...
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    Door County Wisconsin

    Any body been up to Door county lately? Is the ice out? I've been shore divin' down south. (near Port Washington) lookin to expand my horizons a bit. Tanks Jim=-)
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    Mermet Springs

    Myself and a dive buddy are going to dive Mermet Springs on saturday(march 22). Anybody else going there? Thier web site says they will open on sunday, but you have to have four divers and a reservation. Anyone interested in diving saturday and sunday?? Thanks Jim:)
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    Hey Uncle Pug, did you ever raise that big ole anchor you found? Any photo's? Just curious. Jim:confused:
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    Door County Wisconsin

    Anybody shore dive up in Door county? I'm looking to extend my diving into the winter a bit more and I'm looking for places to go. I don't mind cold as long as there is some kind of vis. Thanks Jim
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    Skin-Diver Magazine

    I read on a different board that Skin-Diver magazine was going out of business. November was supposed to be the last issue. I checked thier web site and all seems well. Today I got a subscription renewal in the mail. So whats the real story. Are they in business or not? I've read...
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    Currently I use a handheld GPS to find wreck sites. It works okay I guess as I almost always find what I'm looking for. However I am considering upgrading this winter. I thought I would ask you guys for your recomendations. Who makes the best unit? Is WAAS really worth it? I also...
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    Thought I would sign on to this here forum. I got PADI certified back in '78 and dove for a few years. I got back into it last year and now hold a PADI advanced open water and an ice diving C-card. I've got about forty dives in this year. Mostly wrecks up and down the lake Michigan coast...
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