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  1. nodakdive

    Looking for a dive shop offering 4 dives a day

    I dive a Suunto Mosquito, which is considered to be quite conservative. I've done lots of 4 tank per day diving on Cozumel and average 3 per day on normal 2 week trips. My dives probably average in the 50 to 60 minute range. My profile is as deep as the group profiles. 4 tank days with the...
  2. nodakdive

    To go or no? (covid)

    Loved Prima. Went to Prima after it moved. Wasn't good at all. La Terrazza opened up in the original Prima location. It was owned by someone from Colorado who was bringing in Colorado beef. Anyhow, according to him he got the, or one of the, original Prima chefs. Menu and food was the same as...
  3. nodakdive

    Cozumel - any experience staying at Residencias Reef?

    Haven't stayed there, but as it is south of the marina, just about every dive op will pick you up and drop you off there.
  4. nodakdive

    July Roll Call

    It was longer ago than that when I dove with them. I think they'd only been in business a couple years when I was there. Most, maybe all of my diving was with Pumba. Nice guy and a good DM. The boat, I'm pretty sure it was The Zeus, was a really great boat for diving. 10 pax, cover, padding...
  5. nodakdive

    July Roll Call

    Years ago I did a week with Blue Magic. Their boat was called the Zeus, or the Xerxes, or something like that. Do they still have that boat? Was it renamed or something? Thanks.
  6. nodakdive

    Staying in Cozumel longer term -- any recommendations for "off the beaten path" diving?

    I'm a San Clemente fan too. I've seen green morays out and about every time I've been there. Also saw the largest school of fish I've ever seen there.
  7. nodakdive

    Dive shop for newer diver

    I'm not a wetsuit peeer (heh) either. A solution in Cozumel is to go with a shop that does their surface interval on shore. Many do. This is what I do and I also wear plenty of neoprene on top and none on the bottom.
  8. nodakdive

    New cruise boat pier

    There isn't a cruise ship pier in Playa del Carmen, but there is (was?) a cruise ship pier located at Calica which serves Playa del Carmen. I suspect it's not very large and not very deep.
  9. nodakdive

    Dive shop for newer diver

    I've haven't stayed at Xanadu, but I have stayed at Ramon's. Check with Xanadu, but I'd be very surprised if they don't come back to the resort between dives. I didn't see the exact location, but their website does describe dive sites as being 10 minutes from the resort, which is about what it...
  10. nodakdive

    Trip Report Cozumel Palace & AquaSafari March 2021

    Something that was pointed out to me, if you stay at the FA, the dive op world is your oyster. Any shop can and will pick you up at the pier as it's south, just a little south, of the marina. If you stay north of the marina, you either need to get to the marina (one way or another) or dive with...
  11. nodakdive

    Which ops pickup at the downtown pier these days?

    Deep Blue leaves from the Aldora pier downtown.
  12. nodakdive

    Trip Report Feb 19~26, 2021

    I've done quite a bit of diving with Deep Blue and agree with Big Tank 58's comments. Deep Blue is a good choice if... You want to leave a little later in the morning. You are staying downtown and want to get on a boat downtown. You are staying between downtown and the marina and you want to...
  13. nodakdive

    Roberta's Scuba Shack: anyone for July or August?

    Based on all you've written, I think you nailed this and have a great plan. There's nothing wrong with the food at Ernesto's or Casa del Mar, and they couldn't be more convenient. Same with Paprika though I understand it's closed. The menu (tiny) on the Facebook page for Tikila is an easy...
  14. nodakdive

    Roberta's Scuba Shack: anyone for July or August?

    Lol! After the original thread and the food options thread, I did not see this coming! This will be convenient for diving and really workable food-wise imo. I can practically taste the whole fried fish for lunch at Casa del Mar as I type. If you 4-tank, it's much easier to have them drop you...
  15. nodakdive

    Roberta's Dive Shack Opinions and Dive Site Recommendation?

    Thanks for this. Wow. From meager beginnings.... I didn't find a dinner menu, but I did see a picture of the coconut shrimp as it was served at Paprika. The menu reminds me of the Paprika menu.
  16. nodakdive

    Roberta's Dive Shack Opinions and Dive Site Recommendation?

    Many years ago I cooked at a breakfast restaurant. There were Mexicans working there, and they'd request what you've described above, but they called it Huevos Rancheros. Years later I finally got to Mexico. (Quintana Roo) Anywhere I've seen Huevos Rancheros on a menu, it's described as eggs...
  17. nodakdive

    Roberta's Dive Shack Opinions and Dive Site Recommendation?

    It's been awhile for me, but when I was there last, Paprika, the restaurant, was serving Tikila, the bar. So, you could eat at either place but the food came from Paprika. Also, breakfast at Ernesto's used to be quite inexpensive. Even though breakfast at CDM was included, every once in awhile...
  18. nodakdive

    Roberta's Dive Shack Opinions and Dive Site Recommendation?

    If you haven't been there before, you'll dive the "must dive" sites by default. You must dive any of the Palancar sites (4), and you will. Palancar Gardens, mentioned above, may well be your first dive of the trip. All of the first dives, with a few exceptions, will be at a site with huge...
  19. nodakdive

    Roberta's Dive Shack Opinions and Dive Site Recommendation?

    I'm a Scuba Shack and Village Tankah fan. I did 10 tanks with them years ago and have rented shore tanks from them many times. I usually stay at Casa del Mar, just on the other side of Village Tankah. Getting on and off the boat at SS is very, very easy, and if you're staying at Tankah...
  20. nodakdive

    AI hotel and onsite dive op recommendation?

    Scuba Shack would be very convenient. It's basically across the street from Park Royal and maybe 100 feet north. They have a nice gear locker room and very easy entry onto their boats. They run small 6-8 pack boats. I've been diving with them and would recommend them. The other convenient...
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