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  1. jamiep3

    Dutch Springs Mondays!

    I'm on the Eastern Shore, and I work rotating shift work. Shoot me a PM as time gets closer, I'd probably be up for a couple of trips this summer.
  2. jamiep3

    Training then. This is what was state of the art advice in 1968

    In those days, the mind set was that you wouldn't "waste" tank air on the surface, that's what a snorkel was for. I can remeber backrolling in with my snorkel in my mouth, clearing it, and waiting for the group to be ready before switching to my Reg. Same thing at end of dive, as soon as I was...
  3. jamiep3

    Options for June in North Carolina

    That time of year Olympus should be running everyday. Give Nema a call.
  4. jamiep3

    Awesome vis at Dutch Springs

    Since I work on shift work, I wait till they are open all week. Wednesday and Thursdays are often very good viz, 30+, once the weekend fog has settled. Also has the advantage of very little crowd.
  5. jamiep3

    What suit(s) do I need?

    All of this is good advice, but honestly, the longer you dive, your collection of exposure protection will grow. I started with a 1/4" two piece beavertail wetsuit. When it died, I bought a 5/6/7mm Steamer. The next year I was going to Mexico, so I added a 3mm one piece. Got a good deal on a...
  6. jamiep3

    When and where?

    Only once, and viz was not great that day. I thought the bridge was still higher than the rail, but I could be mistaken. Also I meant to say 110' at the sand. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. jamiep3

    You will die! Kit of death

    If you are going to go, go big...
  8. jamiep3

    Switched to BP/W and Weight Belt = Lower Back Pain. Ideas?

    I don't need any weight until I get into my 7mm or drysuit. I found a regular weight belt uncomfortable, and switched to a belt with pockets and soft weights. That has proved to be much more comfortable.
  9. jamiep3

    When and where?

    Morehead City / Beaufort area have many wrecks in the 80-100' range, and several more with sand depths of 100-120', but enough relief that you can dive it shallower. The Spar for instance ranges from about 70' at the top of the superstructure, to around 100' at the sand.
  10. jamiep3

    What would you say is the most important to buy new?

    If you are looking at regulators, make sure to stick with brands your LDS will service, and that still have parts available. I've gotten 5 Conshelf 14s off of ebay, and have spent less than the price of buying two new. Even though Aqualung has discontinued the Conshelf series, the rebuild...
  11. jamiep3

    Farmer John Jacket over full wetsuit?

    I think BARE makes a hooded shorty designed to be worn over a full suit. I believe it's either 5 or 7mm. It has no sleeves, so mobility should not be an issue. I looked at it a couple of times, but then got a really good deal on a drysuit.
  12. jamiep3

    Disappointing fit on Scubapro Jet Fins

    How thick are the soles of your boots? If they are fairly thin, you may find a heavier boot sole (stiffer) will relieve the pain in the bottoms of your feet. As for buoyancy, if you have any ankle weights, try throwing a pound and a half or two pound weight around the neck of your tank...
  13. jamiep3

    drymouth.. maybe found new solution

    Brass 2nd stage, instead of plastic.
  14. jamiep3

    U.S. Diver "Rocket" Fins

    Just my $.02, but try for a set of Super Rockets, over the newer Rocket 2, if you can. The Super Rockets are a little shorter and stiffer than the Rocket 2. Rocket 2 has a more modern foot pocket though. I do a lot of frog kicking, so my preference for the originals. Your mileage may vary.
  15. jamiep3

    U.S. Diver "Rocket" Fins

    Just looking at them, I'd say a mens, up to maybe a size 11. The X Large ones have the word Super on top of the logo. I have had several pairs of these fins, including one pair that lasted over twenty years. I wear a size 10 shoe and they fit well with a boot. One thing about these fins is...
  16. jamiep3

    Family Trip - Only 1/2 Day Diving - Where to Stay?

    I've seen days with close to 100' vis, (50-75 is probably more common in summer), great wrecks, Sharks, Turtles, etc. I live about 8 hours from Morehead City, and head down there 3-5 times a year. Atlantic Beach is just across the bridge, and there are a couple of boats that leave from the...
  17. jamiep3

    More old steels

    I'm with you Herman. Had my local shop hydro and VIP my 38's, caught the kid at the fill station trying to fill to 3000. Caught him around 2500 and bleed them down. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. jamiep3

    More old steels

    Looks like a nice setup,wouldn't mind having those myself. My only concern would be if they where originally lined. I've lost a couple of old tanks that had corrosion under the lining. I've got an old Royal Aquamaster that would look great on them.
  19. jamiep3

    Does anyone know how to dive this wreck?

  20. jamiep3

    Oyster Diving March 15th

    Atlantic Edge Dive Center is running an Oyster dive from Kent Narrows on Saturday. They still have some seat available, and the air temperatures are forecast in the 50's. May be the last chance for oysters this season. Information on their webpage.
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