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    Cozumel’s diving is so “rushed”

    my sentiments exactly - except the "day after tomorrow " part: i wish
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    Price for Driver from CUN to Playa

    we always use a PRIVATE , new, great a/c van from playadelcarmentours .com/ they pick u up inside - always on time- always super helpful and friendly- and super efficient- you are on your way FAST; you can call them 24/7/365, speak perfect english, transaction handled quickly and professionally...
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    Cyclone 300 ( circa 1974) Intermediate pressure concerns re scuba pro octo

    Thanks tbone 1004 and rslinger: I knew I was asking the right people :1) I will def ask what IP the service guy set 2) prolly just get a Poseidon octo and be done with it / my other rig is an atomic b2 with Cressi octo : thanks again
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    Another home run with Living Underwater

    just finished a quick 5 day trip with LU and Jeremy Anschel, Javier, Ricardo, and andres: we have only used LU for last 7 years and their service and expertise couldn't be better ; great boat ; coming back for 10 days in oct; can't wait
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    Cyclone 300 ( circa 1974) Intermediate pressure concerns re scuba pro octo

    Rig: serviced 1st and 2nd stage cyclon 300 ( circa 1974)/ octo scuba pro 2nd stage from MK VII( also circa 1974) Cyclon hose rated to 508 psi/ octo hose rated to 400psi ( both hoses new) Question: Poseidon dive shop service guy ( seems very knowledgeable) says my octo is not " rated" to handle...
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    Turneffe Islands Dive Report

    lots of fish life- but the coral growth pretty sparse; nice video; love the music-one of my favorite bands
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    Turneffe Islands Dive Report

    so- watched the above video because our small group (5) want to go somewhere out of our "rut" (coz-favorite; bonaire and caymans - great; T&C,g. turk - like a lot; ambergris caye, Bahamas and roatan- hit and miss: pretty much the typical places) - as such, we wanted to try the caye caulker...
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    September 2016 Roll Call

    wife and I, eric and deb (phoenix), and jim ( iowa): 9/29-10/8: staying at fiesta americana: diving with Jeremy and Living Underwater (siempre y solamente)
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    Who is going in September 2015?

    wife and I, eric and deb (phoenix), jim (iowa) : 9/29-10/8: staying at fiesta Americana and diving with Jeremy and Living Underwater
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    Fiesta Americana

    a definite yes-rooms are nice (ours was excellent)/people are friendly/3 restaurants /very nice breakfast and dinner buffet/a beachside burger; type place/a beachside ceviche.,etc place/ a "starbucks" style coffee place with Danish etc./2 pools/2 bars; and the best pickup (late) and drop off...
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    Gisela is a good friend of mine/actually now lives in playa but does a ton of work in coz (used to live there)/excellent English/excellent person/highly recommended
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    Anyone rented the SEAC open heel fins at buddy dive?

    Won't have my usual fins for upcoming dive trip- rather than quickly run out and buy another set of fins ( I am looking at a few diff models) I was thinking I'd just use theirs: they tell me they have SEAC open heel fins; anyone ever use these? For me, any fin will be fine for a week, but I am...
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    need replacement stainless steel springs for cyklon 300 first stage: circa 1975

    does anyone know where I can get the 2 stainless steel springs for a cyklon 300 (1975) first stage? I recently had my cyklon reworked because I want to start using it again as my backup (primary is atomic B2); I used this reg for years and it always performed flawlessly; the work was done by a...
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    questions re transpac xt

    thanks jared-will visit website
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    questions re transpac xt

    what IS THE TOTAL COMBINED WEIGHT OF THE TRANSPAC XT AND THE VOYAGER WING (35 LBS LIFT)? I assume the transpac xt is comfortable for women? I am looking to standardize my and my wife's equipment (have already done so with regs, computers,etc)- makes things a lot easier thanks
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    palau: first 2 weeks in november: typical wweather?

    I have scanned other threads and websites and am really getting some conflicting reports on the "good" vs "bad " times to dive palau with respect to weather; November, so far, seems to be "in between" the best and worst times to go; I assume no matter when you go that a daily rain shower is to...
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    March Roll Call

    march 7-14/2014; staying at fiesta Americana/diving with our fav: Jeremy anschel and Living Underwater
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    best local tequila

    my fav is clase azul reposado: ~ $97 / bottle; pure silk- first had it at rick baylis's restaurant in chicago : topolabampo; also, jose cuervo reserva la familia is another very special libation; don julio 1942 anejo ; all a bit pricey and def not for guzzling - but for the astute palate- all...
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    RIP Captain Don Stewart

    first met capt. in 1980 when I lived in aruba; several of us would hop over to Bonaire for weekend trips; the changes to the habitat since then have been amazing; don actually was asked to leave aruba years ago; thankfully for us, he decided to make a huge difference in the future of diving in...
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    Goodbye Fiesta Americana Dive Resort

    hi folks : larry and Carolyn here ( dive buds from a few years ago with Jeremy): we moved to florida; just got back from coz (left on july 5); no way FAVC is going to be open for at least 3-4 months (we checked it out because we are owners and stay for free); we r going back in September for 10...
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