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  1. Streydog

    Trip Report Trip Report - Turks & Caicos Explorer II July 17-24, 2021

    After we docked, a few hour later, don't remember how long but long enough for one more dive, the Aggressor came to the same harbor.and tied off to the the Explorer. The crew and passangers walked through the Explorer to deboard. There were only 13 divers on the boat and only 2 of us did all...
  2. Streydog

    Trip Report Trip Report - Turks & Caicos Explorer II July 17-24, 2021

    I did this trip January 2020. Our last day was cut to one early morning dive as well. The Captain said he needed to get into the harbour early due to the tides. I wonder how often this happens. We were able to make it to French Cay. The night dive there was probably the best dive with reef...
  3. Streydog

    For Sale Atomic B2, 2 sets

    I ended up using the grey second stage on a long hose setup. I have 1st stage and swivel hose available if you are interested.
  4. Streydog

    Do experienced divers need to carry less weight?

    I am not as bouyant as I look. I was certified on a whim after a dicovery dive in Roatan. It took me a while to get my weighting right since I started off quite higher than I need to be. Last year I found a weight pocket burried in the mud durring a dive. I pulled it out, shot some air in my...
  5. Streydog

    Day 12 - Columbia Deep and Caracalillo

    Funny it is not common to see sharks other than nurse sharks in Cozumel. I have seen reef sharks a few times times but, a quitar fish once but that is about it. I am always on the wrong site when a hammerhead is sighted.
  6. Streydog

    Day 12 - Columbia Deep and Caracalillo

    n Are there no sharks in the Philippines?
  7. Streydog

    Trip Report Why I Won't Be Returning to Cozumel-Part 1,2&3

    In South Tx during highschool during 2 a -days they would not have water for us, they would give us crushed ice and we would need to suck on it, so we would not drink too fast. We also had a salt tablet dispensor by the water fountain in the locker room. I worked for the highway department as...
  8. Streydog

    Trip Report Why I Won't Be Returning to Cozumel-Part 1,2&3

    I had an insta buddy a few years ago in Cozumel who was from the Isle of Man. He was a good diver.
  9. Streydog


    I am manage a luggage store in DFW are . Business has been strong recently due to the amount of Mexican citizens coming in to get vaccines. The Houston market is even stronger. I talk to people from all over Mexico every day. In the DFW most people are still masked up in public. One family...
  10. Streydog

    Cancun and Cozumel experts: Share your opinion

    Start in Cozumel diving. On the last day check out of your hotel before your dive. After diving that day pick up your luggage and take the ferry to Playa and check into hotel. Dive a cenote the next day then, rinses your gear as well. Then head to Cancun. If you stay down town you can taxi...
  11. Streydog

    Ambergris Caye fatality - Belize

    I was impressed how the captain and crew were able to handle the conditions. Everyone had to remove their BCD and they got each diver on the boat one at a time. The reason I commented was to express that conditions are not always that same.
  12. Streydog

    Ambergris Caye fatality - Belize

    I have only been to Ambergris cay once to dive. It was April of 2015. This was my first dive trip after being certified. The week I was there I was only able to dive off Ambergris 2 days due to the conditions. Those 2 days the seas where the roughest I have experienced while diving. The...
  13. Streydog

    How to handle a blue-ringed octopus

    Here is what not to do.
  14. Streydog

    backplate and wing weight systems

    I have a couple set of the Hollis weight systems that I took of some gear I bought to resale. In my opinion if you are using these with a BPW you might as well just be using a regular BCD, they are kind of bulky. How much total weight are you using now? You could always distribute your weight...
  15. Streydog

    When do you think virus-related disruptions will end?

    I am proud of my country. It is far from perfect, but who is?
  16. Streydog

    Cozumel reef health

    Up north where? I don't have a ton of dives outside the park but last trip we dove a couple dives north of the island, past Barricuda, in 3 hours of diving I didn't see a gouper larger than a ft. we had spears too and no lion fish. Dove once on the east side and kind of the same story. Like...
  17. Streydog

    What's the benefit of American Air's Business Class Now?

    Along with what others have said; warm nuts, and if you forgot a pen the flight attendants will actually let you borrow one.
  18. Streydog

    Cozumel reef health

    If there was not a reason or demand to have a marine park I wonder what it would be like. The few times I have had a chance to dive outside of the marine park, where fishing is permitted, I really noticed the lack of marine life.
  19. Streydog

    New (and yet kinda old) guy from Texas

    Scuba Ranch in Terrell. It is not the Carribean but I really enjoyed diving there this Summer, I probably had 70 dives there over the Summer. Many of the dive shops use it to certify students. There are quit a few people that will camp out over the weekends. It is a good place to work on your...
  20. Streydog

    So Close!!!

    I talked to a family today from Mexico City that had flown into DFW to get vaccinated. Someone else had told me they had talked to Mexican's that had come for the vaccine as well. I didn't get into the details of how they were able to get here but they told me they drove to Gainsville to get...
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