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    off shore report

    Eric it was fun trying to recover that piece of "brass." We should have realized anything with paint on it couldn't be as old as the wreck. It was still a sweet day of diving. If you still want to recover a piece of brass, I know of a couple of valves on the Hvoslef that are in the open...
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    OC Dive Boat

    I have been diving with both Ted (OC Diver) and Jeremiah (OC Dive Boat) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend either. They both run great boats and you will have a good trip with either. However, there are some significant differences between the two. It really depends on what type of diving you...
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    MD Nitrox?

    Katch, You are thinking of Ted Green with the OC Diver (OCDIVER Subheading Goes Here) in Salisbury, MD. He can make any mix you want. However, its a little far for the op.
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    What is the Screw Wreck?

    Eric, I'll be there on the 18th. Its been a while since I last dove the screw and I'm looking forward to seeing any changes. Andrew
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    Dive buddies wanted O.C. Md.

    Keith, Thanks for the offer, I certainly will let you know when I'm available. Now that my kids sporting events are wrapping up for the summer I should have more time and am ready to get some diving in. Steve, Thanks for the advice on the triangle wrecks. We had a good time with 8 feet of...
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    Dive buddies wanted O.C. Md.

    Keith, I can't believe nobody has responded to you. I had a great time diving with you last year and would love to do it again. That said, I can't this week because I'll be in the outer banks. Hopefully next time though. Have Fun! Andrew
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    week in OBX end of June

    I hope you've been able to get some diving in. Did you do any of the beach dives and if so, what were the water temperatures and your impressions of the wrecks. I'll be diving the triangle wrecks with my newly certified son, next week and was wondering about what to expect. Thanks Andrew
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    Is no one diviing but Jrmiah and us???

    Eric, You should have been out on the first weekend to the San Gil. Ted had some numbers for a wreck that he had not been to before. We decided to dive that wreck first before moving on to the San Gil for the second dive. The wreck is probably an old wooden fishing vessel, very broken up with...
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    Is no one diviing but Jrmiah and us???

    Hey Eric, I'm diving the 150 wood wreck too. Hopefully, I can find enough tasty sea critters to make a dinner or two. However, if I wasn't diving with Ted on Sunday, I'd try to hit the Marine Electric with Jeremiah. Thats a cool wreck as well. See you on Sunday. Andrew
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    offshore o.c.

    I've been out on days where the crew said "we've never seen it this bad before" and I was wishing I was back on dry land. I'm in for the 19th. Eric, I should have noticed they weren't scubapro fins, guess I should learn to read. Nice lobster btw.
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    offshore o.c.

    It was a good day to be out. I'm not sure how long I need to boil the valve, but if it doesn't get tender soon, I may just use it to crack crab claws. And Eric, where did you find that XXXS ScubaPro fin? Keith, I'm surprised you got blown out. The weather looked so good all week. I...
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    Brand New Feeder Seeking Advice on Gaining Experience

    To gain more experience, my suggestion would be to find a club to join. Olney Scuba Adventure Dive Club ( is local and the members range from newly minted to very experienced divers. We dive locally year round. Whoever you decide to dive with...
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    Any Diving in the Nashville Area?

    I can't believe this is the ONLY diving near Nashville. I'm willing to drive a few hours in any direction, but want to see more than an underwater school bus. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    The City of Annapolis wreck located in the Chesapeake Bay

    I'm always interested in diving and still have not been back to the Annapolis. The boat I took out to the wreck was a fishing boat and my buddy and I were the only divers he had ever taken out. So the boat was NOT set up for diving, but the captain was a diver and exceedingly friendly. One...
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    Hydes Quarry

    I'm interested, especially since it looks like Earl is going to screw up my plans. What time are you thinking of going?
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    Any Diving in the Nashville Area?

    Hi everyone, I may be visiting the Nashville area later this year and was wondering if there were any interesting dive sites. With all of the history in the area, there must be a few cool places to visit. I have experience diving in rivers and limited (including zero) visibility. If anyone...
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    "Interesting" mid atlantic dives?

    There are plenty of quarries around, but why go there, unless you want to train or hang with friends. The ocean is were the excitement is. The season is winding down. Grab your gear and go.
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    Senate candidate in Fl.. Fl residents beware

    He should pay the fine AND have his yacht turned into an artificial reef. Maybe then other people would think about their actions before destroying our reefs.
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    Any good Scuba Theme Books?

    Drowned Hopes by Donald Westlake This is a hilarious novel. The central idea is a bank robber hid his loot in a town that was later flooded by a reservior while he was in prison. None of the people who are trying to recover the money are divers and they plan on just putting SCUBA gear on...
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    Dive Report - Ocean City, MD Thursday July 22 & Friday July 23rd

    I need to get out with you again soon. And it looks like you forgot to mention a few bags of mussels.
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