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  1. cyklon_300

    Going to El Paso Jan 6 -10th or 11th

    fwiw, EP is almost the same distance from Los Angeles as Houston (~750 mi).
  2. cyklon_300

    Lake Amistad

    in response to the PMs I've received regarding diving at Goodenough, here's a link to our project website page that clearly states our position on non-team activities. Goodenough Springs Exploration Project
  3. cyklon_300

    Lake Amistad

    Rock Lake is about 10+/-hours from AUS. If the landowner has the same policy for admission, Adv OW is the ONLY credential that was accepted.
  4. cyklon_300

    Lake Amistad

    the surface boil and mooring buoy will help verify the accuracy of your coords.
  5. cyklon_300

    What are fire ants?

    I am an ardent environmentalist and do not condone the use of pesticides in general. HOWEVER, in the case of FAs, I advocate the use of the most heinous chemicals available. Forget the Amdro and other 'birth control' nonsense. Purchase a product called Orthene (mfg by Chevron). Use very...
  6. cyklon_300

    Aquarena Center demolition scheduled!!

    well, the USACOE site is having issues this morning, so can't read the complete report... BUT, from what little I was able to review, this is a large-scale project that will have major impacts to the structures that are currently sited in the immediate proximity of Spring Lake. Personally...
  7. cyklon_300

    NEW DIVE SHOP in Central AUSTIN???

    Royal Scuba (Lamar/183) is reportedly moving into the AquaSports space.
  8. cyklon_300

    Utila Dive Centre (Bay Islands)

  9. cyklon_300

    Lake Travis Re-Opening

    so, do you also reckon that opening the gates sucked out all the giant catfish that lived at the base of the dam...pity, they were such interesting creatures.
  10. cyklon_300

    Search/Rescue in Austin

    is a Search and RECOVERY team, not rescue. A not so subtle distinction.
  11. cyklon_300

    Stage Dive Planning

    what's worth seeing at 110' for 40 min? Isn't all the Carib scenery pretty much the same old stuff...parrotfish, soldierfish, yadda yadda, snore... This is presumably a vacation, right?...why not just stick to NDL/single 80/snorkeldorkel dives and drinks with little umbrellas in them and you...
  12. cyklon_300

    How to prevent seasickness...

    motion sickness, and I am severely so, simply looking at the horizon and eating ginger snaps isn't go to do squat for you. For me, this works: 1. Use the Scopaline patch or Scopace oral. Try these before your vacation to observe side-effects. 2. Avoid spciy, greasy foods. Eat bland, light...
  13. cyklon_300

    Greenpeace None Too Happy with Mighty O Sinking...

    pro-pollution camp. The sooner humans evolve and adapt to elevated levels of contaminants, the more fit we will be to function in an environment that is increasingly less pristine. We are far too fragile an organism at present and need to be introduced to a broad spectrum of metals...
  14. cyklon_300

    "Felt" bikes...anybody know anything?

    like a major problem, I wouldn't ride a bike that did that.
  15. cyklon_300

    The Dark Side :)

    Why is the crotch strap a problem? I have Halcyon SS buckles and don't see much of a problem with disturbing the cylinder surface.
  16. cyklon_300

    For those of you who dive solo . . .

    He had a fully functioning regulator in his mouth he could have donated.
  17. cyklon_300

    Buying gear from Ebay

    wow, what a profound thought. I believe you're the first person to propose this compelling argument. However, I routinely get fills online at reduced prices and they're always at exactly the rated service pressure of the cylinder. Trimix cost savings are especially attractive. If you're...
  18. cyklon_300

    Newbie, Poor Diver or Jerk?

    is impressive...divers with 30, 50, 80 dives expounding at length on who's doing what incorrectly. Imposing a 10 sq ft buffer zone is a new one on me. I like creative's useless, but creative. Lots to learn here.
  19. cyklon_300

    Aquarena Springs

    The tuition for the Science Diver course was worth it. The class was informative, fun, and I met some folks I'm still keeping in touch with. Diving in Spring Lake requires excellent buoyancy control to keep from making a mess of the vis and disturbing rare and endangered species. If it was...
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