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  1. lottinala

    best place in ft.pierce

    me and my son are going to try and do a shore dive in ft. pierce this week or next and was wondering were the best place to walk in is. i went once with restlessnative and realy enjoyed but wasnt real sure were we went in at. so anybody got any info they are willing to give thanks in advance...
  2. lottinala

    temps of water in jupiter

    i was just wondering what the temps of the water should be between christmas and new years. my son and me are going to be down that way and he is wanting to dive down there for go reason may i say but we need to prepare for the temps before we come down that way. so any help would be greatly...
  3. lottinala

    caught the BUG

    i just came back from over on the east side of florida and got to do a little diving, did get to do a beach dive one day and onerestlessnative did a little bug hunting and i thought that was really cool. the thing i was wondering is there any bugs on the gulf side casue i never here of anyone...
  4. lottinala

    great SB member to meet

    i got to go to cocoa this past week and got to get a little wet while i was there and i just had to mention that i got to go beach dive last sunday with onerestlessnative. if you ever get a chance to dive with him he is a great guy to meet up with and dive we had a great pair of dives and he did...
  5. lottinala

    Looking to buy a computer

    im looking to buy a wrist dive computer for my son (14 years old) and was wondering which one you have and why do you like it. its for his bday and he realy enjoys diving so i want to get him something that he will enjoy not spend all his time on trying to figure out how to work it. thanks.
  6. lottinala

    looking for a dive place in cocoa beach

    well i go to cocoa beach florida about 3 to 4 times a year and have never went diving, but now that im into diving pretty heavy i was wanting to go while i was down that way so i was just wondering if someone on here knows of a good dive shop that goes out. im loking for somewhere around cocoa...
  7. lottinala

    newby question about a boat dive

    i was wondering how it worked if you wanted to go diving and you were alone with no dive buddy. would they try to pair you up with someone or would you dive with a DM. ive never dove from a boat just done quarry dives and have always had a buddy. please fill me in and let me know cause im going...
  8. lottinala

    looking for tanks

    well this weekend me and the son wanted to go diving and just so happens the shop in town has a class and all there tanks are spoken for. so after that i decided that i can see tanks in my future and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on a place to purchase some tanks at a resonable price...
  9. lottinala

    instruction for citizen aqualand duplex watch

    ive got a citizen watch that ive owned for over 12 years and cant seem to find the instruction, so i was wondering if anybody just might have one that i could buy from them or could get them to make a copy for me. the watch is to nicea watch not to use and it does alot of stuff that is very...
  10. lottinala

    north alabama

    well im new here and have dove many years ago but life moved on and had a son well he is 14 now and fixing to get him cert. the thing is my equipment srunk during that time and fit him fine so im out for new the only problem im running into is there isnt any great shops here in town to check out...
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