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  1. aviator8

    Budget friendly setup for amateur photography

    TG6 is a good budget friendly option. RX100 is also a good entry level if you find a camera+housing deal. UW Photography can get crazy expensive. You need to define how much you want to invest in it, then you can get better opinions on options. When you get into housings with ports, lens...
  2. aviator8

    Tank evaluation help

    Depends on who put them on. spec is ~50ft/lbs torque depending on manufacture of the tank. A rubber mallet used with care is usually enough to remove but don't hit on the valve handle, hit on the metal of the opposite side. A large crescent wrench may be needed, If tight use some tape on the...
  3. aviator8

    Tank evaluation help

    If those valves are assembled correctly, the picture would indicate they are wide open, and the tanks are empty. I would be a bit concerned about them being stored like that. I would want to pop the valve for a look inside.
  4. aviator8

    Newbie in Atlanta Ga

  5. aviator8

    Deep6 reg breathing wet

    With my D6 seconds I find that if I inhale very slowly it will cause the diaphragm to flutter causing slight wet breathing. I have to inhale very slowly for it to happen. I tend to like it as when my mouth gets too dry this helps out.
  6. aviator8

    Freedom Plate Divers Roll Call: show us your rig!

    Mine arrived yesterday. One medium one small. Thanks Eric.
  7. aviator8

    Canister for PLB

    Yes now I understand. I'm not sure how much backup benefit that would buy you. If it was just an interference fit. then if the primary seal failed. the water pressure would likely just force the smaller o-ring down the lid and flood the container. If you routed a groove then its sealing...
  8. aviator8

    Canister for PLB

    I haven't tried to build one so, If I understand what you are saying you would be trying to get 4 mating surfaces vs 3 by additional lip for the o'ring into the canister. It offers one more line of defense but requires more precise fitment when building.
  9. aviator8

    For Sale Official Freedom Plate List: Please respond here.

    If you are polishing thins, I'd like the two I have on the list polished as well.
  10. aviator8

    EON Steel firmware update suggestions

    Wow pretty steep for a firmware update.
  11. aviator8

    SOLD!!! Sold sold sold

    dont supposed this includes a transmitter does it? If so I'm on it
  12. aviator8

    Deep 6 branching out with colors on their regulators

    Does this change the way the air tastes?
  13. aviator8

    Why is everyone out of stock on coated 1lb weights?

    I did, I got a few 1 lb'rs and plasti dipped them
  14. aviator8

    SOLD!!! 5 x AL 80's

    wish you were closer.
  15. aviator8

    SOLD!!! Suunto wireless transmitter $90 OBO

    I'd buy them in a heartbeat if I didn't already have two. This is a fantastic deal.
  16. aviator8

    Good cheap backup mask

    Another vote for the DGX mask. I bought two more once I started to use this in case they ever decide to stop making them. They have had thier ultra-view on sale for a little while now. The mask itself is the same as the standard with a lens coating. I'm not sure if it really does anything...
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