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  1. Abdullah

    Diver missing off Dubai

    Gulf news reporting a missing spearo near Dubai. Dubai: Family and friends of a 35-year-old Algerian diver who went missing off the Dubai coast on New Year’s Day are praying for his return, even as a massive search by the authorities entered the eighth day on Wednesday. Adel Ait-Ghezala...
  2. Abdullah

    Risk of CO (versus incorrect O2 tank levels)

    This thread has been split as the result of an off-topic discussion from the Accidents and Incidents Forum on the death of a diver who mix in his tank was different from what he believed it to be. The original discussion may be found here...
  3. Abdullah

    Is there an O-ring equivalence table for SP and Apeks reg's?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an o-ring equivilents table for SP and Apeks regs. In light of how much the service kits cost, and the PITA to obtain them at times, having a list of which commercially available O-rings apply to which part number would be invaluable. I'd like to be able to...
  4. Abdullah

    Any divers at Al Dhafra Air Base?

    I'm a DoD contractor at ADAB, looking for divers who want to dive the east coast of the UAE.
  5. Abdullah

    Does anyone have experience with Titan X-Series cannister lights?

    The online information makes the 25W Titan light look pretty fantastic. With the 120Whr battery pack it claims a 4.8 hour battery life. And, the price for that setup is in line with HID. Does the light stand up to the hype? Is it durable under normal use? I'm looking for a bright, long...
  6. Abdullah

    Galileo Sol - What is Error 32?

    My Galileo Sol displays "Service Mode Error 32" when I turn it on. What is it? How do I fix it? The Sol quit working during a dive without any symptom of impending failure.
  7. Abdullah

    Anyone know what Galileo Sol "Service Mode Error 32" is?

    I was diving my Galileo tonight in about 5 meters of seawater. The dive started normally and the computer checked out before we entered. It was synched with the transmitter and displayed the correct pressure. I have water contacts turned off. Before descending I turned on the computer and it...
  8. Abdullah

    Hello from Muscat

    Diving every weekend in the vicinity of lovely Muscat Oman. Mostly boat dives with the local dive centers. But also shore dives between Muscat and Sur - there are some great dive spots that can be reached with a saloon car and a short surface swim. I've been diving since 1977 and certified...
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