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  1. nathano

    ID: What is this?

    We were diving in Roatan Honduras April 6th, 08 and took this picture. No one could tell us what it was. They look like honey nut cheerios. What is this: Thanks!! -Nathan
  2. what is this

    what is this

    what is this
  3. Kissing ....

    Kissing ....

  4. Thats me in Roatan

    Thats me in Roatan

    Thats me in Roatan
  5. Nathan's Pics

    Nathan's Pics

    Nathan's Pics
  6. Kimberly in Roatan

    Kimberly in Roatan

    My Wife Kimberly, in Roatan
  7. nathano

    Exercises to Gain Stamina for Diving?

    Fitness For Divers | Global Underwater Explorers I would recommend the book "Fitness for Divers" by Cameron Martz. Its available on the GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) website. Pretty much you want to work cardio. It'll help you improve your SAC rate, and provide you the "endurance" your...
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