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    Diving the Potomac River?

    Diving in the Potomac is mostly about timing relative to recent rain events. Most areas you can find 10’+ of visibility. About the pollutants I’d suggest not diving immediately near the Anacostia River.
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    Havre de Grace?

    If diving near the Old Railroad Bridge piers you may have really good visibility and tides/currents shouldn’t influence you much. It’s less than 30’. There’s a deep hole (60’+) under the Tydings bridge on the east side of the island. Good vis. if not after a rain event.
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    Checkin in from VA

    2manyhobbies, Have you done any dives in Lake Anna this past winter, how'd it go?
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    Checkin in from VA

    Around Lake Anna there are alot of realtors with a verity of maps. Some have the old roads and bridges subdued on current maps. Blount Realty, Inc. is an example.
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