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  1. MiloR

    How much weight is too much?

    Just to clarify, you wear 22 lbs of lead in a 7mil with a 120? I ask, and know everyone is unique, because in a 7 mil with boots and hood and an AL80 I wear 14#. My DUI drysuit and AL80 I wear 22#. I am 5'10.5" and 290# and I float well in just a bathing suit. I think there is something else...
  2. MiloR

    What really is an "Advanced Open Water" diver?

    An AOW cert means that you have Advanced your OW skills. Nothing more, Nothing less. If the student feels that it means they have and Advanced skill set or are an Advanced Diver then that falls on the Instructor for not properly explaining the Goals of the Course. It is not a waste of time or...
  3. MiloR

    Trip Report Bonaire: Divi Flamingo Resort July 10-17, 2021

    I was at the Divi from 7/10 to 7/21. I am sure we passed each other at some point. We did 2 tank boat dives almost every day, shore dives, and both boat & shore night dives. I agree with all that has been said about the Divi and the Calabas Reef. You did forget to mention the excellent...
  4. MiloR

    Golf cart scuba tank rack

    Best picture I have. Cut the channel to length that fits your carts roof support and trim the tank adapters to fit that space. Each adapter has a rubber bungee with a hook. Can easily fir 4 across with most BCD's and or hoses attached. 20210703_175952 by MiloR posted Jul 6, 2021 at 11:16 PM
  5. MiloR

    Gilboa Quarry Changing Hands

    I just want to reiterate that Columbus Scuba is Columbus Scuba and Gilboa Quarry is Gilboa Quarry. Separate Businesses that happen to have 1 individual in common. Lot's of things discussed regarding desired changes/improvements but nothing set in stone with no concrete timetable. Be patient and...
  6. MiloR

    Gilboa Quarry Changing Hands

    Mike tends to exaggerate a lot of things so take what you heard with a grain of salt. I do know that the name stays the same and it is to be run as a separate Business from Columbus Scuba. There are plans to improve many things both in and out of the water, which will obviously take time.
  7. MiloR

    Best Value place online to get regs serviced

    And you miss the point. A Parts profit is something that is an aspect of an overall business plan. Customers bringing their own parts means overall profit margins are not where they need to be to make staying in business worthwhile. There is a 2nd aspect also, and this applies to Automotive...
  8. MiloR

    Best Value place online to get regs serviced

    Do you take your own cheese and bun to McDonalds and ask them to make your burger with them?
  9. MiloR

    Diving watches

    **Didn't read the whole thread** That disclaimer stated: I do own a Rolex Submariner, No Date, as it should be. I enjoy the classic look and wear it every day whether in sweats, jeans, or something nicer. It is a dive watch and it has been wet. I purchased a very good condition used model...
  10. MiloR

    How many line markers do you carry?

    I just take a couple of each and if I need more I just grab the kind I need from the ones other people left behind. Kind like the "Take a penny, Leave a penny" thing at the gas station. JUST KIDDING!!!!
  11. MiloR

    Are you an EXPERIENCED recreational diver?

    Keep a 20" piece of paracord somewhere and you should be able to fashion up enough of a strap to keep the fin secure in an emergency.
  12. MiloR

    Critique my trim

    Yes, sliding Drings.
  13. MiloR

    Critique my trim

    This was my 3rd dive in my Sidemount class this weekend. I am 1st in the Super cool Lime green.
  14. MiloR

    Who "Fails" Open Water Scuba Certification and why

    True, BUT, then the other students could work on their Search & Recovery cert.
  15. MiloR

    Cost per Dive?

    How do you put a price on the pure fun and the best way to spend free time that was ever invented??
  16. MiloR

    Who is still diving?

    Our Quarry is usually pretty good for both light and visibility, at least as deep as I have gone. Gets cold fast as you go through the thermoclines. Vis in general is pretty good...a bad day is 15' and a good day is 60'+.
  17. MiloR

    Who is still diving?

    Since May 30th I have been underwater for 47 hours and 53 minutes...10 of those hours at night. Almost all at the semi local Quarry. Deepest I have gone this Summer is 66' with an average depth of 31'. Coldest I touched was 48*F and average temp of about 74*F. Been a good Summer.
  18. MiloR

    Padi Instructor Gear swap?

    How did it get to the point that those 2 things were left to determine that the DM student was not meeting standards. With all of the Class time, cert revisits, skills presentations, etc I would think it would be clear already. And to say that a failed equipment exchange is the the deciding...
  19. MiloR

    Why I will definitely take the Rescue course

    With what you know you did the right thing. Only thing you could have done differently would have been to come up from behind and grab the inflator with your left hand. If the diver was truly panicking being in front allows him to grab on to you and then you lose control of the situation...
  20. MiloR

    Post Your Pretty Funny Stuff Here

    Not specifically SCUBA related but feel free to insert any Scuba related topic discussed on Scubaboard in place of "Light bulb" and I think it fits pretty good. QUESTION: How many Facebook group members does it take to change a light bulb? ANSWER: 1 to change the light bulb and to post that...
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