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  1. OMFSDiver

    Multiple Random Items

    I have a bunch of random items for sale. Princeton Tech Shockwave II Primary Light $30 Whites Dry Glove Mittens $40 Size Lg Never Used Whites Glacier MK3 Socks size 8-9 I have a size 10 foot fits well $20 worn once Scubapro Split fin full heal warm water fins two pair $20 each pair used twice...
  2. OMFSDiver

    Scubapro Classic Plus with Air 2

    This is a three year old black Scubapro Classic Plus BC with an Air 2 and intergrated weight system. The BC was used about 20 times half of which were in fresh water. The BC is in excellent condition. The is no fading, leaks, rips or other problems. The Air 2 was overhauled this year and never...
  3. OMFSDiver

    Whites Fusion Dry Suit

    I have a Whites Fusion Dry suit with Tech skin and two thigh pockets for sale 2xl-3xl. The suit was used on 25 dives about half in fresh water. The zipper is in excellent condition. The seals are in great condition, one wrist seal was replaced professionaly replaced due to a trimming problem...
  4. OMFSDiver

    Dive Rite Trans Pac Xl with weight pockets

    I am cleaning out the closest and have a Dive Rite transpac size Xl for sale. The transpac has the back padding, cummberbund, crotch strap and all d-rings. I am also selling the Dive Rite weight pockets 16lb and 32lb. The transpac is in like new condition 15 dives mostly fresh water. I am...
  5. OMFSDiver

    Member introductions

    Hi everyone! Name: Chris Yrs Tech Diving: 2 No of deco dives: 20 Trimix: 2013 Rebreather: No Caves: Yes, Apprentice 2012 Comments: I love diving NY wrecks and Fl caves.
  6. OMFSDiver

    Dive Rite Transpac XL and Weight Pockets All Like New

    I was cleaning out the closet and came across these items. Dive Rite XL Transpac Like New Condition Only used on 10 dives. $175 Dive Rite 16lb Weight Pockets $55 Dive Rite 32lb Weight Pockets $65 All items are plus shipping.
  7. OMFSDiver

    Deeper Dives in Aruba

    I just got back from a week diving in Aruba, great trip and perfect weather. My wife and I have been to Aruba about 6 times and I would like to start exploring some of the different dives sites. I have heard there are two wrecks in the 120 -130 foot. I was wondering if any one has dove these...
  8. OMFSDiver

    Galileo Luna IrDa connection fails

    I have a similar issue with Windows 7 it says my "MDAC" is not up to date, I have gone to the Microsoft website and I have the latest version. Any help would be appreciated
  9. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    The dive this week has a 130 foot max depth.
  10. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    From past experience I know that they will charge at least $29 for the fill. What I was trying to find out is, am I being cheap or are they over charging me. From all of the posts I think I know the answer. I am not happy with the price of Nitrox fills around my area but in NY diving is limited...
  11. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    I think I will be charged at least another $29 from past experience.
  12. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    They did it the last time I needed a top off when I only did one short dive because of bad weather. It stings a little more this time since I just need to dump the gas just to get the mix I need for the weekend.
  13. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    $58 for Nitrox in double HP 100's in NY is not out of the ball park. It is them charging for a nitrox fill, even one, on double tanks to give me 1250 psi of 21% that is just rubbing me the wrong way.
  14. OMFSDiver

    Is it me or is it them??

    I want to start out by saying I am a loyal customer at my LDS. If I need something they stock I usually purchase it from them and only use online for things they don't carry. This past week the LDS had a local dive trip planned and I had my doubles filled with a 32 mix at the shop. Due to the...
  15. OMFSDiver

    Whites Drysuit large

    Do you have any pictures?
  16. OMFSDiver

    Laws not alowing beach access in Long Island

    Come up to Port Jefferson and Mount Sinai. I have never had a problem with access.
  17. OMFSDiver

    Rip in Fusion Tech skin

    I had the same thing happen recently but it was at the seem between the skin and the edge that attaches to the velcro. I sent it back to White's and had them do the repair. Looks great!
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