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  1. HowieDean

    Removing BC for long surface swim

    If I know I’m going to have to do a long surface swim I like to inflate my BC, remove it, and use it like a “kick board” I find that buy doing this I can cover long distances without getting tired and it gets my head high out of the water so if it’s ruff I don’t get splashed in the face. My...
  2. HowieDean

    In defense of Casual Divers

    I’ve been on this board for a couple of years now and it seems to me everybody’s getting a little carried away. I work for a Resort in Roatan a couple of months out of the year and these folks make up about 75% of our customers. Most of these people only dive once a year while on...
  3. HowieDean

    Bubble Maker Patches.. Double your money

    I need 4 PADI Bubble maker patches... PADI won't sell them to me... my local LDS will not trouble themselves to order me some... so here's the deal......... If anybody has or can get 4 Bubble maker patches I will be happy to pay you twice what they cost you + shipping........ Can send money...
  4. HowieDean

    Inn of Last Resort Christmas Gift Special

    CAN’T THINK WHAT TO GIVE HIM/HER FOR CHRISTMAS? HOW ABOUT A WEEK OF DIVING IN THE CARIBBEAN? Only $499 per person /dbl. occupancy– regular 7 nt. Pkg. Good for all of 2006 must pay by dec. 25th 2005 Pay by credit card and we’ll email you a certificate to put under the tree.
  5. HowieDean

    Wilma Report from the Inn of Last Resort

    They are open and in good shape - They lost the snorkle and party deck in the lagoon but everything else is ok.... If your travel plans have been effected buy the storm they can most likely accomidate you..... They had no structral damage aside from the lagoon and are open for business as...
  6. HowieDean

    What are best O-rings for Tank to Yoke

    Which material works the best in rental tank inverionment... Lots of use.. Was thinking Viton would be best would like to learn from your experiance... Thanks
  7. HowieDean

    Any one From Houston going to AKR or ILR Saturday

    Looking for some-one to carry a couple of Dive Hoods down to some friends. If you are leaving Houston on Sat 14th and could do me the favor I'll meet you at the airport. Thanks
  8. HowieDean

    Tampa dive trip Dec 15

    I'm going to be in Tampa on business and have a free day Wens Dec 15 Anybody know which charter has the best chance of making a trip that day. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks HowieDean
  9. HowieDean

    Anybody been to Cocos with Bill Beard

    Any info on either your trip to Cocos Island or better yet Bill Beard's boats would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
  10. HowieDean

    Mr Wizard type underwater tricks

    Anybody have any fun "Mr Wizard" type ideas for underwater. Done the egg yoke at 110 / Tennis ball at 100 / of course ballons are also cool. Know therre are alot of creative minds out there so any ideas or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. HowieDean

    Hoseless DiveMaster

    Have always followed the "Keep It Simple" path but am getting tired of hoses. What is the general opion of current hoseless air intigrated computers. Think about Oceanic cause I'f always had good luck with their stuff. I work in Honduras for six months in the summer and was wondering if...
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