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  1. Mr Carcharodon

    Decompression Theory

    With multiple compartments whatever compartment is closest to its m-value (maximum allowable compartment partial pressure) controls the decompression. You might think that the fast compartments will control decompression since they will reach saturation first. But the maximum ascent rate to...
  2. Mr Carcharodon

    Suggestions for wetsuit thickness??

    For SoCal I'd go with 7mm if you are going below the thermocline in late summer. There are shallow dive sites, but in general the best places will tend to be deeper than 20 or 30 fsw and below the thermocline. Of course it depends on your objectives to a degree. Doing 3, 1 hour dives in a...
  3. Mr Carcharodon

    Subsurface Deco Ceiling Question

    So your computer is saying your ceiling is 10 fsw? That sounds like they think you should really do a safety stop if you approach within 10 minutes of the limits implied from the 120 rule. Your dive was not particularly deep but it was longish which in combination with a moderate depth...
  4. Mr Carcharodon

    Casino Point Dive Park

    Inside the park there are no boats and no need to have a SMB. If you have one already by all means bring it. But for a boatless environment where you can can't get very far from shore the lack of a SMB, which was optional in the first place, should not be a reason not to dive. Go dive and...
  5. Mr Carcharodon

    Casino Point Dive Park

    Casino Point can have some great diving. As a new diver do know if you go straight out from the stairs it can get deep pretty fast. Your best bet is to go right at the bottom of the stairs and stay close to shore if you don't want to get deep. I've seen bat rays there, but what Casino Point...
  6. Mr Carcharodon

    Does Christo-Lube expire ?

    In my experience it kind of separates into to curds and whey. Maybe that can be mixed back up again given the right equipment. Given my rather modest needs I just buy new on ebay.
  7. Mr Carcharodon

    Difference between PADI AOW and deep diver

    OW dive limits were 40m when I took the class. For that matter OW dive #3 was between 30m and 40m. Was that a good idea? Possibly not. And they did suggest that you work up to the the deeper dives. But saying you can't dive below 20m with an OW cert is just silly. Why are you waiting...
  8. Mr Carcharodon

    Dumping BP/W and getting a jacket.

    Dude if you don't have at least an extra 100 pounds of lift your a total stroke. Go big or go home. Don't be a stroke.
  9. Mr Carcharodon

    Tell me about your Snorkel (POLL)

    Why in the world would you have a snorkel if you want to go diving? Being a minimalist I'd leave things that rarely if ever get used at home (aka useless crap). On a tangential note consider going down to Goodwill. You can unload all your stuff you don't use, including your snorkels, and...
  10. Mr Carcharodon

    Seiko SKX007: Watch runs too fast...

    Oh ouch, clearly nothing should be rattling around in the case. You can get a brand new SKX for under $200. Or a Christopher Ward or Steinhart for $500 to $600. Any of those should last a long time. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  11. Mr Carcharodon

    Seiko SKX007: Watch runs too fast...

    Please do report back on how this turns out. I have an SKX that runs more accurately than you reported but it could be better. I've thought without actually asking a watch repair shop that regulating it would be more than half the cost of the watch. The comment above about orientation is a...
  12. Mr Carcharodon

    Seiko SKX007: Watch runs too fast...

    Seiko is up front about the expected accuracy of watches with the 7S26 movement and your watch appears to be falling within expectations. Somehow it seems unlikely that Seiko is going to do a warranty repair on a watch that is performing to specification. If you want more accuracy and don’t...
  13. Mr Carcharodon

    Good diver watch brands?

    I have a Momentum diver which I wore on a Cocos Island dive trip down to 120 fsw or so. It worked fine. You can't go wrong with a Seiko SKX or Turtle. The SKX is not hand windable but is in many respects a nice watch at good price point.
  14. Mr Carcharodon

    Float Upright BC

    The air cell in your BC pushes you up, and your weights push you down. So if you are being pushed face down move some, or most, of your weight back near to or ideally behind your air cell. Many people here will wax poetic about backplates and wings. That can be a bit over wrought but having a...
  15. Mr Carcharodon

    Poll: What are the top tier regulator brands?

    I have my stock of Oceanic parts after the local dive shop shut down. But why buy a regulator from company like ScubaPro that will not provide parts to the end user? Is this consumer hostile? Are there others? If a company will not sell you maintenance parts after just a few years why buy...
  16. Mr Carcharodon

    They call it Stormy Monday but Wednesday is just as bad.

    Well at least the water is cooling off. That may improve the visibility and get the kelp to come back.
  17. Mr Carcharodon

    They call it Stormy Monday but Wednesday is just as bad.

    Your photos are awesome. But was it really that bad? Didn't the swell model have it 0-1 today? On Sunday I spotted a juvenile Thresher, and three weeks ago spotted an aggregation of baby blues. Whats not to like? I going to be out again on Friday, and the model is again saying 0-1 foot...
  18. Mr Carcharodon

    Replacing 10 yr old regulator

    Regarding having the regulator go with you when you turn your head that may mostly be due to hose length you have or how your hose is routed. Fiddling around and checking that your hose is not dragging on something, or too short, is a good first step since a new hose is of course less expensive...
  19. Mr Carcharodon

    Why ‘everyone is responsible for their own risk-based decisions’ isn’t the right approach to take

    When did this you can only dive to 60 FSW with OW happen? As far as I can recall PADI certified us to dive to 130 FSW (40 MSW) from the beginning even if going immediately to that depth was not recommended. My certification happened circa 2000 so maybe things has changed. When did it change?
  20. Mr Carcharodon

    My Journey into UTD Ratio Deco

    When I took the RD class with AG he tried to make the point that small differences in depth or time can be insignificant to the plan. He did not round up as you do when planning with a dive table. Just speculating but he may have waived away a few thousand feet of altitude change as an...
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