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  1. indigoscratch

    Gluten aware in Fiji

    I'm traveling to Fiji on a business trip in just over a week. I will be staying and diving at multiple resorts. This question isn't diving related but hopefully someone can still answer it for me. I'm going to Fiji with a gluten allergy (along with egg & dairy). Am I pretty much doomed? Or will...
  2. indigoscratch

    Going to Fiji soon, how thick does my wetsuit need to be?

    Hi there, Newer diver, always dove cold water. I am off to fiji for a business trip in April. I will be diving, but I've never worn a wetsuit so I have no idea what thickness I will need. I tend to chill easily. Any suggestions? Reasonably priced is best. Happy to buy used. LM
  3. indigoscratch

    Warmest undergarment available?

    I use a White's Fusion Sport with the MK2 undergarment and the fleece booties it came with. Under that, I wear moisture wicking clothing. I freeze on every dive. Today I couldn't feel my feet walking back to car. I get so cold that it almost ruins the second half of the dive for me. The water...
  4. indigoscratch

    Campbell River Dive Buddy needed May 5th or 6th

    I'll be heading over to Campbell River for a family function and I've never been there. I would love to do a shore dive but I need a buddy/guide who knows the area and where to go, and who doesn't mind taking out a new diver. Would prefer fellow female or a couple people if given a choice but I...
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