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  1. shark863

    Zeagle Ranger tech $400

    It is still for sale
  2. shark863

    Zeagle Ranger tech $400

    I'm selling my zegal ranger tech BC for $400 plus shipping. I bought this new about a year ago and have about 30-40 freshwater dives on it. Starting a family so need to get rid of some items. The size is large and has the 44 lbs bladder. also throwing in the TUSA. if you have any questions email...
  3. shark863

    New Diver and now addicted!

    you can dive if you see snow just make sure you have a dry suit.
  4. shark863

    New divers in BC

    welcome to the board
  5. shark863

    Just got certified!! woohoo

    welcome to the board!
  6. shark863

    Very New To All Of This

    welcome to scubaboard
  7. shark863

    long time lurker first time post

    I have always been reading the boards but this is my first post. started diving in 1999 and love the sport.
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