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    DCS an autoimmune disease? Article I saw..

    I saw this in a maritime industry newsletter. Don’t know if this is old news or new news. So either way, here ‘tis: Study: Decompression Sickness May be Caused by Faulty Immune Response
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    It really is a fellowship--divers help divers

    A long-time buddy living near Jupiter, Florida said absolutely yes when my wife and I wanted to flee New Orleans after Hurricane Ida a couple of weeks ago. We had survived the storm okay, but the no-electricity-and-we-can't tell you when, was too much for my wife in the heat of still-summer...
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    Ancient forests off Alabama coast

    There was an article in today’s New Orleans Sunday paper on ancient cypress forest remains in the Gulf, at 60-foot depth off coastal Alabama. Which means about five miles out. Lots for scientists to investigate about forests of about 50 thousand years ago, when ocean levels were lower. Here’s...
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    Lift Boat capsize off Port Fourchon, 12 missing.

    You may have seen or heard this on the news. It happened yesterday afternoon just off the Louisiana Coast near Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, a lift boat with spuds in the "vessel" mode so fully retracted, capsized in extremely bad weather. Of 19 crew, 6 have been rescued from the water, 7th one...
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    Replacing an SPG with same size. But no one seems to list dimensions

    My old UWATEK hockey puck spg died. It was 2-3/8 inches diameter, and 1 inch thick. I want one the same size so as to fit my existing rubber housing. And psi not Bar. In a limited scan so far, but including Leisure Pro, no one seems to list dimensions. What am I missing here? Thanks for...
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    Coming soon (likely)-- SMS for smaller passenger vessels

    It's way more than likely the Conception fire and lives lost is going to bring about new requirements for smaller vessels, known in the trade as a Safety Management System ("SMS"). And here it is: Notice of proposed Rulemaking: Safety Management Systems for Domestic Passenger Vessels The SMS...
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    Did you realize how scandalously hip..

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    A bit of post-Sally info from a favorite dive outfit in Orange Beach Alabama

    Down Under dive shop, and the boat of the same name, are an outfit I have used a number of times, and really like them. Orange Beach and Pensacola got absolultely hammered by Hurricane Sally, though "onlyi" a Cat 1, she pushed a whole lot of water ahead of her. Anyway I would typically...
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    "..beholding the depths.."

    Okay, this is going to sound very churchy, since, well, it comes from Church. The Episcopal Hymnal, at S-236, has "A Song of Praise", which is part of the every-Sunday liturgy at my Church in New Orleans: Hymnal 1982: according to the use of the Episcopal Church S236. Glory to you, Lord God...
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    Ancient shipwreck diving find off Greek island

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but finding ancient relics in the sea is one of the great benefits of our sport. And this one looks from the photos to be in pretty shallow water: 3 Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered off Greek Island of Kasos (Pics) - The National Herald
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    Geeze, after only 20 years... (BCD)

    My Scubapro jacket-style BC is showing leaks in several places--power inflator through the housing and at the hose connection, hole in the inflator hose and the internal stainless pull wire to use it as a dump had rotted through in the middle, and a couple of other gaskets looking iffy with the...
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    Diver missing off Destin, hope they find him/her

    This from the Coast Guard news bulletin: NEW ORLEANS –The Coast Guard is searching for a diver who was last seen near a charter vessel approximately 10 miles southeast of Destin, Florida, Friday. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Mobile received a report at 1 p.m. of a missing diver who was...
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    "New" neoprene, weight question(s)

    I'm playing hooky this afternoon to drive over to Gulf Shores for a shallow 2-tank boat dive on a nice day. Woo hoo! Am bringing two pieces of neoprene I haven't worn before and want to experiment to see if they're comfortable and fit well-- or not: New bought-from LeisurePro on-line hood, 5...
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    USN presentation re Doxycycline in DCS treatment

    I know zip about the contents nor if it's been posted here already, but in case it's of interest here you go: NMRC Researchers think a Common Antibiotic can Save the Lives of Divers Suffering from Decompression Sickness
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    Is flying anything like diving??

    My sweet wife gave me a "flying adventure" coupon for a local airport outfit, who does teaching and certifying and fun flights. This was a half-hour flight on a Cessna 172, out of Lakefront Airport in New Orleans to points east toward Mississippi, a couple of large circles, then back west toward...
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    "Flippers, goggles, oxygen tank" -- cringeworthy, or useful??

    Preface: I love the Christian Science Monitor, and liked this article too, about turning invasive Lionfish into supper after lots of work cleaning them.; Recipe for invasive species: lionfish as food and sport But...the author, who writes well, opens by describing the lionfish diver surfacing...
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    Mix n match neoprene-- sound practical?

    I've dived almost two decades with the same 3mm full suit and 3mm Harvey's hoodie vest (I'm a creature of habit and don't dive often enough to wear them out). Recently I managed to leave the latter behind at a site and don't realistically expect it back, may it find a good home. So--lingering...
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    Here's an update from Coast Guard to dive boat operators/DMs, fyi..
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    what's the typical pressure range inside your BC?

    I'm asking because diving a few days ago, I noticed a very small pinhole leak from the plastic (rubber?) "pipe" in the housing that contains the inflate/deflate buttons, at the end of the corrugated hose. Where it's located looks like it would carry only the pressure that the inflatable...
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    Fish whirlpool around my head—weirdly fun

    This morning near the ESSO BONAIRE off Jupiter, many many huge Goliath Grouper, really good dive. But new to me was becoming the center-point of a bunch of mismatched fish, all circling fast around my head, bump-bump-bump as they whirled around for a couple minutes. Had to bite on my reg a...
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