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  1. suthnbelle

    Mask Removal/Replacement While Holding Trim & Bouyancy

    Next weekend I'm doing two days of diving to work on skills for an upcoming class this spring. I need some advice on how to hold my bouyancy while removing my mask and replacing the mask. Any helpful hints out there you all would care to offer? :D I think my biggest fear during this class...
  2. suthnbelle

    Happy Birthday Scubapolly!!!

    Happy Birthday Polly!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day celebrating and an even better weekend. :D You know, I really think we need to find our way to Flying Saucer Saturday night. That is if you and Packman don't have plans. :eyebrow: :birthday: Mel
  3. suthnbelle

    2007 New Years Day Dive

    :newyear: It's that time of year again. :multi: This will be the third year NCDivers has met at Fantasy Lake (Rolesville Quarry) for our New Years Day dive. Please join us for a great day of diving and hanging out. Gypsy Divers, Down and Under and a couple other dive shops are usually at the...
  4. suthnbelle

    Happy Birthday BabyDuck!

    :birthday: Happy Birthday to one of my favorite dive buddies! I hope you have a good one Marci! :partytime
  5. suthnbelle

    NC Divers Dive and Cookout - Oct 14 - Rolesville Quarry

    We are having another dive/cook-out at Rolesville Quarry on Saturday, October 14! This is sort of a birthday get together for our gang considering it has been two years this October since we started our little dive group. Anyone who has not been diving with our group you are welcome to come out...
  6. suthnbelle

    Sat. Aug 26 - Rolesville Quarry

    Anyone in NC or surrounding areas that may be interested in diving tomorrow there are about 20 of us meeting at 10am at Rolesville Quarry in Wake Forest.
  7. suthnbelle

    DR1 or ERDI?

    The DR1 course is going to be given locally in mid June and I'm considering the course. I've also talked to a friend who is an ERDI instructor and team coordinator for another SAR team in NC and I have the opportunity to take some courses with him and his team in late summer. Just wanting...
  8. suthnbelle

    Need Advice On Putting In Drysuit Zip Seals

    I finally took the plunge and bought a drysuit (DUI TLS 350 - front entry). Yeah!!! However, while trying it on I've discovered that drysuits are a PITA to put on and take off. :D I need some helpful hints on putting in the wrist and neck zip seals. What another PITA even though I know...
  9. suthnbelle

    What BC Do You Use For Public Safety Diving?

    I've recently joined a Search and Recovery team and am in the midst of training. The county team does land, water and swiftwater searches/recoveries. Right now we're meeting at least twice a week for various training. Mostly for the newbies' benefits at the moment. The team trains a lot during...
  10. suthnbelle

    Drysuit Question for the Ladies

    I've started looking at drysuits and hope to purchase one in the next couple of months. So far I've only checked out DUI's website. Mostly because my dive buddies (guys) wear DUI and that is what I'm familiar with. So I want to know what you ladies are wearing and what you like and dislike...
  11. suthnbelle

    2006 NCWD Diving

    It is winter and I'm already dreaming about diving the coast this spring and summer. When do you all think we should start planning charters/trips? I want to plan a Wilmington weekend for the group diving with Pat's shop Aquatic Safaris. I know Leda has the Cooper River trip in the works for...
  12. suthnbelle

    New Years Day Dive - Rolesville Quarry

    A group of us from the NC forum are meeting at Fantasy Lake/Rolesville Quarry around 11AM on Sunday for our 2nd annual NYD dive. We'll set up near the beach area. Gypsy Divers' club is always in attendance which makes for a great crowd. They even have some hardy souls who do polar bear...
  13. suthnbelle

    Happy Birthday Kristi Hager!!!

    :birthday: I hope you had a good one and stayed out of trouble!! ;) Mel
  14. suthnbelle

    Suthnbelle's NCWD Christmas Party 12/17/05

    :xmas_2: So far about 10 of us in the Charlotte area are getting together at my house Saturday (12/17/05) at 7pm for some good food (maybe) and great socializing. Whether or not you're in the Charlotte area you are welcome to attend. PM me for details. Guests Bobby F BabyDuck Plankspanker...
  15. suthnbelle

    It's Grier's Birthday!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great day and received lots of presents. Mel
  16. suthnbelle

    Happy Birthday OBXDIVEGUY & Johnny Quest!!

    :wave-smil I hope you both have a Happy Birthday!!! Mel :birthday:
  17. suthnbelle

    Radio Island - Lost Weight Belt

    If anyone is out at Radio Island anytime soon and you come across a pink zippered wet belt, please let me know. I lost it out there today. It has 7lbs of weight in it so it shouldn't be going anywhere. Thanks!
  18. suthnbelle

    Halloween Dive at Bluestone 10-30-05

    :pumpkin: There is a group of us from the NC Divers Club that will be getting together at Bluestone Quarry on Sunday for some diving, underwater pumpking carving, and good eats - LedaBoBeda says she is making smores for everyone. :D (j/k!) :pumpkin: Here is a link with info regarding...
  19. suthnbelle

    A Nice Sunday Dive

  20. suthnbelle

    Mask/Hood problem

    Okay, I don't know which is the problem...the mask or the hood? This has happened my last few dives and it is driving me INSANE!! While I was diving this past Saturday my mask kept filling with water. I'd wait til it got below my eyes before I'd clear it because it was filling so often. I could...
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