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  1. JRO

    Nautilus Belle Amie Socorro Dec 14-22 2015 review (very long)

    Fantastic review!!! I'm scheduled to go on this trip Feb 2017. I've been out on the Nautilus Explorer twice (Galapagos and Isla Natividad) and the crews were phenomenal on both trips.
  2. JRO

    Oceanic VTX Dive Computer

    Where did you get that deal...and is it still available?
  3. JRO

    New Dive Computer...

    What brand is this? It looks like tank pressure in the lower to assume that and that it has a transmitter available?
  4. JRO

    New Dive Computer...

    Sooo, although I love my Atom 2.0...somehow the display has become blurry has every other smaller print item I seem to come across lately.... I've been looking at some of the larger display models (Gallileo, Icon, Steel...etc) and of course the choices are many, the prices are high...
  5. JRO

    OLED AI Dive compter opinions...or options that fit the need =)

    Hi all, I know many will say AI is rubbish and unneeded. I've been using wireless with the Atom 2.0 for 3+ years and love it....with the exception of the tiny display which I thought at the time I would love. Being a photo bug, I prefer to keep my eyes on what's going on around me and I've...
  6. JRO

    New fins...need thoughts

    Never hesitate Kharon...good advice. I looked very closely at those, and almost bought them. But the neutral buoyancy and lack of colors made me hesitate, which is why I am exploring other options. Thanks TN Traveler...with that said, it looks like Bob will be getting a sale from me.
  7. JRO

    New fins...need thoughts

    I hear ya's strange spending that kind of money on something that looks dubious without having the ability to return it if you don't like it. But, if they work as advertised, then def worth the price and all the reviews I see seem to say they are as good as they sound. Opinions...
  8. JRO

    New fins...need thoughts

    I have...but not in a while. Thank you for the reminder. They would be ideal if they're any good...they always seem like they won't work.
  9. JRO

    New fins...need thoughts

    Ok, so I'm thinking about replacing my old split fins and going back to the paddle style. Here is what I'm looking for..' 1) old ones are bright yellow and I find it helps my newly met dive buddies on liveaboards recognize me quickly 2) Maneuverability...not as interested in speed...
  10. JRO

    RX-100....Nauticam or Recsea?

    Bought the Nauticam, it was cheaper (only $50 or so less). Most reviews gave it a slightly better nod and it appears to require less adapters. Wish me luck =)
  11. JRO

    Anyone shooting with a Sony XR-520?

    If you are, I have some spare parts for sale fairly cheap. Battery, charger and a couple of attachment lenses for above water work. Mine is at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Rhode Island....also if you happen to be using an Aquatica housing I have the green water filter as well (the...
  12. JRO

    RX-100....Nauticam or Recsea?

    So, what are the differences?
  13. JRO

    RX-100....Nauticam or Recsea?

    I like your answer since the Nauticam is a bit less expensive. Beyond price, any other reasons?
  14. JRO

    RX-100....Nauticam or Recsea?

    Well, I finally decided after a few weeks of agonizing to go with the RX-100 and now I'm debating the housing...pros and cons? I'm guessing this has been covered, but I wasn't able to track it down. If you have a link, please post. Thanks, Jeff
  15. JRO

    Oceanic Atom 2...Is it me or what!?

    Ok Wah..any chance you want to put together a flow chart, sell it for 5 bucks a pop and get some loot out of us Atom 2.0 users? In the meantime, do you have a step by step on setting nitrox percentages?
  16. JRO

    Electronic housing for still cameras? seems so, I think it just wanted to get off the boat full of sea sick folks. First time I've been sea sick on a dive boat, EVER!! I dropped it in mid hurl =( @diversteve....that housing looks great!!! Just dropped them a message seeing if it would work on the micro 4/3's
  17. JRO

    Electronic housing for still cameras?

    Ok, so a week ago my video camera went for a dive without me =( On the upside, my insurance covered it which leaves me a decent budget to work with. My first video camera had an electronic housing and I loved it. for my second I used a mechanical housing, and though I liked was a PITA...
  18. JRO

    Ikelite Vega?

    Just saw a 60 second review in Scuba Labs....but their link to your site doesn't show the Vega. Is it still not out?
  19. JRO

    Underwater Laser Pointer

    I used the old Z-Bolt laser and loved it as a pointing device, no more guessing at was I am pointing at as it creates a very visible beam in the water that SOME fish chase...not all by any means. I was letting our dive guide in Mexico use it since he was such a great critter finder. I ended up...
  20. JRO

    Ikelite Vega?

    Posted this in the Ikelite forum and haven;t heard anything....anyone hear of this?I've been looking into the Light & Motion Sola 1200 recently to replace my 10 year old (TSA destroyed) UK Light Cannon. And though I loved my old light, it was a massive beast....tried the Sola 1200 on a trip a...
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