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  1. Abidon

    Share a music vid?

    I haven't the words... :lock:
  2. Abidon

    Staying at Iberostar - Want to dive Colombia Reef & Santa Rosa Wall

    I stayed at the Iberostar a few weeks ago, and I'm one of the "least common denominator" divers that Christi speaks of :happywave:. She is right, though. The dive op (Dressel) suited this "vacation diver" needs to a "T". Their staff, boat crews, and DM's were all first rate in my book. The...
  3. Abidon

    June Roll Call?

    I've been monitoring the weather in preparation for our arrival this coming Sunday the 17th. I'm noticing that the forecast shows thunderstorms just about every day this week and next (including today). Is this normal and nothing to be concerned about, or are we in for significant rainfall...
  4. Abidon

    June Roll Call?

    I'll be there with my wife & 7 year-old daughter arriving June 17th and departing on the 22nd staying at the All-Inclusive Iberostar. I plan on 3 days of diving, but haven't chosen a dive op yet. It'll be our first trip to the island, but I think we won't be exploring much of it outside of...
  5. Abidon

    Dive Shop Near Aulani?

    Last year I did dives with an outfit called Hawaii Nautical. Their free shuttle picked me up at Aulani around 8:15 AM and dropped me off around 12:30 PM. The first dive was at the Mahi shipwreck (about 90' depth). The second dive was on a 30'-35' reef. Very enjoyable dives. The groups were...
  6. Abidon

    Name suggestion for a brown Doberman female puppy

    Great heavy metal band from the 80's. :rocker: How about Cleopatra? She was a bad-ass. Or, if you're looking for a "red" name, how about Rusty or Ruby? I didn't know what to name my female dog that I got in 2004. While driving her home for the first time, she got carsick and threw-up all...
  7. Abidon

    Considering Provo & Grand Turk for shore diving

    I spent on week on Provo about 18 months ago and I there were no shore diving sites to speak of, or any dive operators that offered shore dives. It was all boat diving to spots far off-shore or over to West Caicos; which were spectacular dives, by the way.
  8. Abidon

    Mainland tourist missing in Hawaii

    Hard to imagine an easier shore dive on the Big Island than that spot. It's also a very popular snorkeling spot, too. So, unless he went solo diving very early or very late in the day, someone would have seen him entering the water. Hopefully more details come out.
  9. Abidon

    Are you surprised how non divers perceive diving?

    A couple of years ago, my wife and I went to the Big Island for vacation with my friend and his wife. My friend is very afraid of the water to the point that he won't submerge past his waste. He also happens to run marathons as a hobby. On the other hand, his wife loves the water and was...
  10. Abidon

    The Official 2011-2012 NHL Hockey thread.

    All right, we gotta do this tonight or I'm gonna kill myself! :nailbiter:
  11. Abidon

    What are the "who knew"s of scuba?

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the pressure on your body feels pretty much the same whether you are 20' or 80' deep... as long as you equalize properly. I was also surprised at how simple it was to equalize my ears. Before I started to learn to dive, that was my biggest concern...
  12. Abidon

    Turks and Caicos - June 9th to June 17th (last day)

    :wavey: I dove with Ocean Vibes on two occasions earlier this month. Here is my report copied and pasted from another thread regarding my dives with them: "I just got back from a trip to Provo last week, and the dive outfit I used was Ocean Vibes. They have a 43' dive boat and they limit...
  13. Abidon

    Naked Dive for the 100th dive? Really?

    I'm guessing the number of visitors to asha's profile has multiplied 10X in the last eighteen hours. :date:
  14. Abidon

    Turks & Caicos vs Ambergris Caye?

    I was diving with Ocean Vibes last week, and the water temperature was 79°F on the surface and at my maximum depth (83'). The exposure protection of choice for the divers on the boat ranged from rash guards and shorts, to skins, to full 3mm wetsuits. Nobody complained about being cold that I...
  15. Abidon

    Turks and caicos questions...or???

    I just got back from a trip to Provo last week, and the dive outfit I used was Ocean Vibes. They have a 43' dive boat and they limit their # of divers to 12 max; although they probably could squeeze 4-6 more divers on the boat if they wanted to. On the two days I went diving with them, there...
  16. Abidon

    wedding gift ideas??

    If you know where they are going on their honeymoon, maybe you can book an excursion/activity for them. All depends on how much you're willing to spend.
  17. Abidon

    What diving have you not gotten around to doing?

    Anywhere on Catalina Island. Having a baby has zapped virtually all the spare time my wife and I have had over the last couple of years. Hopefully, it gets better from here on out.
  18. Abidon

    St Thomas/US Virgin Islands / Any Suggestions?

    I spent a week on St. Thomas in May, 2007; so this list of suggestions might not be up-to-date. I was not yet certified, but snorkeled at many spots; so I can tell you that you are in for a real treat when it comes to diving. Do bring strong insect repellent with you. The mosquito bites are 5x...
  19. Abidon

    How many SB'ers have you met?

    I've only met one in person, but she was a doozy... ScubaSam. :cool3: I've come close to meeting a couple of others, but circumstances keep getting in the way.
  20. Abidon

    The Official 2011-2012 NHL Hockey thread.

    Nothing like having the Wild come to town to put an end to a winless streak. My Kings say "Thank you. Please come again." :cool3:
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