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  1. Voit Blue 50

    For Sale Like New Sealife DC1400

    Hello, is the DC1400 still available
  2. Voit Blue 50

    Matthew Atlantic

    Great thanks, 55 feet not that deep, I'll have to check it out
  3. Voit Blue 50

    Matthew Atlantic

    Does anyone know anything about this wreck? I believe it was sunk as an artificial reef in '98, but have not been able to find any info about it Thanks
  4. Voit Blue 50

    BP/W with AIR2 - Individuality of BP/W

    Interesting, I've never heard anything about not being able to use a Air2 with a BP/W. I use a Air2 on a apex wing with a custom BP fitted for my VDH regulator
  5. Voit Blue 50

    Anyone out there with diabetes?

    the freestyle libre, with a tegaderm patch, so far so good for a single day of diving. Haven't tried it below 70ft yet.
  6. Voit Blue 50

    Anyone out there with diabetes?

    Hello, been a type 1 since 2010, it ended my commercial diver career, but I moved on and in the end I don't consider not being a commercial diver a bad thing. carry a power bar/ cliff bar with me for most dives, along with sugar gel, I use a CGM so I can test and test to see how my numbers are...
  7. Voit Blue 50

    Advice on a good laptop for editing

    Looking for advise and recommendations for a good laptop for underwater photo editing, and also software recommendations? I am just starting out with underwater photography so looking for something in the novice level that won't break the bank. Cheers and thanks
  8. Voit Blue 50

    HMCS Saguenay

    It's been probably over ten years since the last time I was on the Saguenay, so I was wondering if it's rolled over more or has stabilized? Is the bridge accessible? And I can't remember if she has a helicopter hangar and pad, I might be confusing the Saguenay with the Annapolis on that. Cheers
  9. Voit Blue 50

    Calypso red label and Conshelf VI

    Thanks, I haven't had a chance to open them up yet, summer project. I am trying to decide if I want to use one of them with my DAAM like yourself or a 1085 Thanks, Dave
  10. Voit Blue 50

    Calypso red label and Conshelf VI

    I’am planning to open up and service a Calypso red label and a Conshelf VI this summer after I order up the service kits. I have never these regs before, does anyone know anything about them, such as year and how they breath? thanks
  11. Voit Blue 50

    Hello the vast and weird world of Scubaboard

    Good afternoon, I've been diving since 2007, followed the PADI route to Dive Master and into the Tec 40 program. Then in 2016 sold off my twin 120's and Tec gear bought a old US Divers Aquamaster double hose reg which I cleaned up and have been diving double hose since. Also starting to...
  12. Voit Blue 50

    What changed?

    I had no problems with solo diving in Southern Ontario, people were more interested in my double hose regulator setup
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