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  1. king_of_battle

    New England Tech Diving Diversity...

    ... in one picture. This Saturday on Gauntlet we had a Fathom, Prism 2, Kiss Classic, SF2, Revo, XCCR and a set of doubles to boot. Helping each other gear up you get to see all the ins and outs of the different units which is nice. Original plan was to dive the Coyote but due to the wind...
  2. king_of_battle

    Overfilling LP108s?

    Buoyancy aside some places outside of FL are less willing to cave fill an LP tank. I've never had a problem getting HP fills on HP tanks.
  3. king_of_battle

    Deep Diving 108 feet w/ a single AL 80 (Air.) No redundancy.

    Matt Marcoux (Daybreaker) is focusing on his family right now. He still has the boat and is diving but not running charters. Maybe one day in the future but not now. Its tough diving up here right now. We're down to 3-4 boats running charters consistently from Portsmouth, NH to Boston. Add...
  4. king_of_battle

    CCR Selection priorities

    Hey now - don't badmouth the Fathom like that - its more like a Toyota - I can mostly fix it myself and it doesn't have to spend one week a month at the dealer getting fixed!
  5. king_of_battle

    Anyone used the Divesoft DSV?

    i know @rddvet as a fathom diver and @macado IRL. Curious why you're going DVS vs a BOV. Is this for the SF2 or Revo? Can't speak at all for the DSV but with golem it seems the way to go unfortunately is to go through some sort of intermediary - in my case Charlie if i need anything for my...
  6. king_of_battle

    Current Prices for Helium in US and Europe

    I'm paying ~$250 for a T cylinder of helium right now. Low volume customer with a yearly cylinder lease, regional welding supply company (Maine-Oxy). edit: in New Hampshire, USA
  7. king_of_battle

    Focus 2.0 new LED?

    I think the problem is this was how the manufacturer - Halcyon - fixed the issue. It appears they are putting a less than optimized led into the light head as a replacement.
  8. king_of_battle

    Focus 2.0 new LED?

    It wasn't any better in the water. It looked washed out and lost its punch which is the main reason I went with the focus. I'll see if I cna get some in water footage this weekend but I can't believe how bad it looks now and how seemingly ineffective it is in low viz water now. I may be in...
  9. king_of_battle

    Intro Cave Suggestions

    Depending on where you're coming from in Georgia, Peacock is a great intro cave since its relatively shallow so you won't hit turn pressure as quickly and usually low flow.
  10. king_of_battle

    Dedicated Strobe for anchor line

    On the expensive side I have a couple of THESE that I was an extremely early adopter for. As in using google translate to talk to the Poles and getting them straight from there. They kick ass in murky New England water and I've traveled all over the world with them and taken them down to 200ft...
  11. king_of_battle

    Focus 2.0 new LED?

    Here it is in the night. I'll be honest I'm not in love with the 4 leaf clover look. I hope its better in the water.
  12. king_of_battle

    Focus 2.0 new LED?

    I've had my focus 2.0 for a little less than 3 years. Recently my Halcyon Focus 2.0's led burned out during a dive. I contact Halcyon and they warrantied the work - it was pretty seamless. I just got it back and noticed it has a different led type in it. I think it had a cree XML-2 pushing...
  13. Focus 2.0 beam

    Focus 2.0 beam

    tight focus on the focus 2.0
  14. king_of_battle

    For Sale Dive rite CCr wing ebay

    That looks to be a link for a children's wetsuit.
  15. king_of_battle

    U853 video

    You had mentioned the L8 before and it's also in that article. Seems like it would be totally divable - it looks relatively intact - I'm surprised I never hear of anyone going to it. Maybe the company with salvage rights isn't permitting it? The USS L-8: Mapping and Assessing Rhode Island’s...
  16. king_of_battle

    U853 video

    Red wasn't on that dive (I think he said he was in NJ that weekend) but I'm making the long haul back down in a couple weeks to dive the Bass and I bet he'll be there. I'll ask. I see Bill about once a year at the SECONN Wreck Symposium so I'll have to ask about it next time I see him. I've...
  17. king_of_battle

    U853 video

    It was pretty basic - 1 cheap narrow beam lights per side of helmet and 1 wide angle cheapo on the left side as well. I think I got them on amazon or piranha dive's website. The light on my left hand was a Halycon Focus 2.0. This was my first dive in U853 on CCR and turning around coming back...
  18. king_of_battle

    U853 video

    @AfterDark - maybe you can answer this. In the Wikipedia article for U853 it states that the hull was welded shut by the US Navy to block divers from penetrating. I can't find any truth to that from the people I know or online and there isn't a citation. Any thoughS? I've never seen anything...
  19. king_of_battle

    U853 video

    So I've been diving for a while but never got around to really filming it ever. Two weekends ago I dove U853 off Block Island through Giant Stride on Priority Too. I figured I'd film it with a new gopro. You can see the some of the video here. Its far from a work of art - no music or...
  20. king_of_battle

    What do you love and what do you hate about your unit?

    I agree wholeheartedly - I haven't had an issue with valves up at all. Canting them a little makes valve shutdowns easy. The only minor gripe with valves up is that I either have to have a dedicated 'wreck' O2 bottle with a left handed valve or switch valves on a bottle when I switch...
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