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  1. Trickie Dickie 99

    Conshelf 14-Pro Diver and Oceanic Omega - EANx compatibility.

    I've booked to do a Nitrox Course in mid September, including two dives on 32%. I have two regulators, a Us Divers Pro Diver 1st stage, with a chromed brass Conshelf 14 2nd stage and an Oceanic Omega; I understand the Omega will be OK to 40% but what about the Pro Diver/Conshelf 14? (subject...
  2. Trickie Dickie 99

    So what do you reckon this is?

    OK, I've actually finally found out what both of these are but for the big long white feller in particular, it took a few days of searching to work it out. Both found at Fortescue Bay in the SE of Tasmania on a dive a coupla weeks back, in about 20M of water, temp was around 16-17 degrees C...
  3. Trickie Dickie 99

    New Boy From Tassie.

    That's Tasmania, Australia, the little triangular bit off the bottom right of the map, but if you don't remember seeing it, don't worry, we are used to be left off the map. All my diving is pretty local (or within 200kms), we dive in the ocean, it's pretty chilly most of the year (11-18 degrees...
  4. Trickie Dickie 99

    Sherwood DIN fitting

    I am the owner of several A-fitting USD/Aqualung Conshelf 14s, the oldest of which dates to 1980, the newest is maybe early 90's vintage. I've been trying to hunt down a DIN converter for some time as I'm gradually converting my primary and pony cylinders to DIN. This has been incredibly...
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