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  1. DeepSeaExplorer

    Shearwater Teric and Scubaboard Surge Little Cayman 2020

    MrsDeepSeaExplorer sporting the new Shearwater Teric dive computer she won during the Scubaboard Little Cayman Surge 2020. Thank you Shearwater Research!
  2. DeepSeaExplorer

    Nestle Article

    Nestle pays a one-time fee of $115 to pump 1 millions gallons a day from the Florida Aquifer. WATER POLICY: Fla. gets a tiny paycheck as Nestlé taps its springs WATER POLICY Fla. gets a tiny paycheck as Nestlé taps its springs James Marshall, E&E News reporter Greenwire: Friday, January 24...
  3. DeepSeaExplorer

    Hawaii Caverns

    This is a video of one of the caverns on Oahu.
  4. DeepSeaExplorer

    Double AL 80s $550 Nitrox Ready

    Double AL 80s with Thermo manifold. New Hydro Sept 2014 and current VIP. Pickup in North Florida.
  5. DeepSeaExplorer

    Oceanic VT-3 Multigas, AI Computer w/Transmitter

    For Sale: Oceanic VT-3 Nitrox and multi-gas computer with Air Integration. Accessories included: AI transmitter, download cable, manual. Both computer and transmitter have had the batteries replaced this past September. Asking $450. Price includes shipping (US) and Paypal fees. Computer will be...
  6. DeepSeaExplorer

    Need O2 Clean Manifold

    I need a new doubles manifold and I was looking at XS Scuba. I like that it turns off with fewer turns, and has a hex on the dip tube, but it doesn't come with an Oxygen service option. I hate to purchase a new manifold and then immediately have it torn down and rebuilt. Is there an Oxygen...
  7. DeepSeaExplorer

    Two AL80s

    Tanks are 2001 vintage with last hydro in 2007, so they're out-of-date in both hydro and VIP. Tanks were in fine working order when last used in 2009. Tanks were originally O2 clean, one still has a slight amount of gas in it and the other is completely empty. They have corrosion from were the...
  8. DeepSeaExplorer

    Lost Fin at Dania Eurojacks

    I lost a ScubaPro XL jet fin with a Halcyon spring strap in the surf today at the Dania Beach Eurojacks. I was just south of the jacks on the sand bar about 150 yds from shore. I spent over an hour in the surf looking for it, but with no viz I didn't have any luck. I had that fin for 10 years...
  9. DeepSeaExplorer

    Nitek HE $65

    Nitek HE 7 Gas Nitrox/Trimix computer $65, plus shipping. That right you can own a well used $1,000 Trimix computer for $65 dollars! Of course there is a catch... The computer works, but the display is dim and it won't turn off. I sent it back to Dive Rite and the parts are no longer...
  10. DeepSeaExplorer

    Double AL 80s

    The tanks were manufactured in 2001, hydros in 2007, O2 clean, VIP expires in November 2009. ScubaPro manifold and bands with HP threads. Hardware in great shape, no bad threads or bent bolts. Minor corrosion where the bands were, but otherwise in excellent condition. Asking $500. Will not...
  11. DeepSeaExplorer

    Steel Vs AL...

    It won't matter if you selected the wrong tanks - one of these cats will still love you...
  12. DeepSeaExplorer

    You cannot possibly be DIR unless...

    You help by adopting one of these rescued cats.
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