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    Is the Sidewinder a real SM unit?

    Hi Just for the sake of talking :) In a thread about a person refusing to choose a SW because it is an SM unit, it makes me wonder if the SW is really an SM unit :) Indeed, should not the SW just be defined as a modified Spirit with only the canisters placed further apart and by then considered...
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    Compass-depth meter combo in one instrument - New version

    Hi I was about to post in the "instruments" section but if I had done it, I would have gotten answers telling me to get a SW, so I post here even if I am looking for a "modern" device :) :) Indeed, i came across this YCM combo compass-depth meter ( Sold Price: Vintage YCM 200 Feet Depth Gauge w/...
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    Blue R190

    Hi In this thread Scubapro G250 and R190 I saw a pic of a few R190 "crystal blue". A few days ago, I got lucky as I bought these 2. Has anybody any info about this specific model? Thanks
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    Scubapro mk?

    Hi A friend of mine has found these SP regs and he is going to pass them to me. If I can easily say that on the right side there is a column of 4 mk2s and that the one on the lower left is a mk20, I wonder if the top left is a mk10 DIN, the second column 2 mk10 and the third column 2 mk5. I am...
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    OW = Pamb-Pb = mτα1/Vb1-m

    Hi Just read this interesting article on DAN It’s The Metabolism, Stupid: A New Model for Bubble Formation Is it common sense put in an equation? :) Jale EDIT: oops just realised it is an almost one year old article o_O
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    ADV or no ADV that is the question :)

    Hi In a thead about a KISS RB, one participant said it doesn't use an adv. I do the same. I have really never understood the use of an ADV relatively to the weak points it brings. ADV is used mainly when you go down but you must also adjust dry suit and wing so what is the point of using an ADV...
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    Average total dive depth to estimate your surface Gf

    Hi In the thread "Your Gradian factor?", @_Ralph and I hinted we use the total average depth of a dive to have an approximation of the surface Gf. This "trick" has been used well before the SW has the 'surface Gf" mode and I was wondering if other divers are/were using this. (-Ralph, I hope I...
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    Serial Numbers

    Hi I wanted to list my regs to facilitate servicing and I found out that some have serial numbers and some haven't. -All my Apeks have them: .the 4 xtx sets have the first and second with the same number, the 2 ds4 have number. -the Scubapro: .the 2 mk20 have number, .some mk2 have, some don't...
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    Who is still diving a Boris?

    Hi The thread about the Redbare reminded me the Sentinel and by extension with the UK connection, the Ouroboros aka "Boris" :) Last time I saw it in action was many years ago, when exiting a cave in Europe, I came across Stanton and his home made RBs followed a bit later by Volanthen with a...
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    to upgrade an 109 to BA

    Hi I did looked in old threads about what to do to upgrade a Scubapro 109 to a balanced model but I am still a bit confused:( Do I need to change all the parts inside the fixed barrel or just the poppet or whatever? And where can I find these parts? Thanks :)
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    OP in a different color

    Hi I don't know if this topic has been debated before but I have always wondered why the OP doesn't appear in a different color or at least in a different shade. Then, in the thread, it is easy to know if the OP is still there and to know who you are talking with. Just an idea I see in other...
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    Boat diving.Do we have it all wrong?!

    Hi I was reading a thread about the incompatibility between a passionate woman learning tech diving and a boat which have a policy of not helping anyone to come back on board. I am sure you know the reference. I don't understand why people think you should be able to board back a boat on your...
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    PPO2 display/monitor

    HI I am looking for a ppo2 display/monitor with a fisher or preferably hardwired. Beside the Tecme (only fisher if I have understood correctly), Gorilla (don't really like the cylinder shape and wonder if it is still sold), and Monox (cannot get any reply from them..) is there any other units on...
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    Why my thread about picture of dead animal in avatar is gone?

    Hi Last week, i opened a thread asking if to use a picture of a hunter's trophy was ok for a scuba diving forum? The thread went down after 2 or 3 days even if the tone of the replies was correct. I understand that some people may not like their NRA alike stand being confronted as I don't like...
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    Twin regulators

    Hi, in another thread, the topic of twin regulator (two first stages in one body) came out and @jadairiii named the old Seapro and I linked the modern V-twin from Beuchat( V-TWIN - Beuchat). By curiosity, are there any other twin regulators? As for their reason(s) of being, i only know that the...
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    Xavier Méniscus down to 286 meters

    Hi A good end of the year 2019 for Xavier with a 286 meter dive in a cave in France! Home made rebreathers...
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    Hi I put my hand on this S600T with a yellow cover (marketed as an octopus). But, when I opened it, I saw that the barrel is in...plastic. Is it normal? I know the first version of S600 has a plastic barrel and by the look of the cover, mine seems to be a first version also. I just thought that...
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    Aquaventure Anilao

    Hi Any news about what is happening in Aquaventure in Anilao? New owner, old staff fired and technical diving facility ousted :(
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    New Atmos (not Aeris :)) watch computer

    Hi From Taiwan. For those interested...;)
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    Oxygen concentrator

    Hi Is any one here is using or has used an oxygen concentrator. I do know you cannot get 100% pure oxygen. Thanks
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