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  1. broadreach

    Full moon and Bali Mola Mola

    There are lots of different opinions on this topic, but I'm curious to hear about your experience. I'm getting ready to book flights for a 2019 Bali trip. Should I plan to dive around the July full moon to improve my chances of seeing a Mola Mola in Crystal Bay? Or does it not really matter? Is...
  2. broadreach

    12/9 Lobos Dive Buddy

    Hi, I had made plans to dive Point Lobos and secured a reservation for Saturday 12/9. My intended dive buddy had to cancel this morning, so I'm looking for a new buddy. Conditions are forecasted to be good and I'm happy to do a kayak dive or a surface swim. I can also join an existing pair...
  3. broadreach

    Dive Buddy? Carmel, Friday 8/4/17

    The forecast for the next few days looks promising. Might be a good time for kayak diving. Is anyone interested in joining for a kayak or beach dive on Friday 8/4?
  4. broadreach

    Kauai Dive Buddy

    Hi I'll be in Kauai next week 10/18 to 10/26 and looking to do some diving. I've talked with one of the local shop and will probably join them for a few trips (Mana Crack and Niihau, weather permitting). But it would also be nice to do some shore diving early morning or evening while spending...
  5. broadreach

    Mares Abyss Cracking Pressure

    I recently noticed that my Mares Abyss regulator is breathing a bit harder than I think it should, so I decided it would be a good time to test it. I ran through the checklist in the sticky thread and things seem fine. It passes the vacuum test, doesn't leak air and holds IP as expected. It also...
  6. broadreach

    Oil Rigs?

    I'm interested in diving one of the oil rigs in Southern California. I've looked through all the various dive boats and charters web sites but couldn't find any of the commercial boats advertising a trip to any of the oil rigs. A search on this forum shows no posts on oil rigs for more than a...
  7. broadreach

    Si Tech shoulder valve - how much torque to unscrew?

    I've been suffering a minor leak from my shoulder valve for sometime now and I really want to try and clean it up as I suspect it must be some sand stuck in there. I looked up the instructions manual on the Si Tech website and they show how to unscrew the two parts. Mine is the Argo, by the way...
  8. broadreach

    Santa Monica to Malibu Dive buddy Sunday/Monday morning

    I'll be in west Los Angeles this weekend 2/28 through 3/3. If possible I'd love to try a shore dive in the Santa Monica to Malibu area. I'm not going to have time for any channel island boats so a simple shore dive will have to do. Would anyone local be willing to join me for an early morning...
  9. broadreach

    Monterey Dive Buddy Tomorrow Friday 10/31

    I have the day off tomorrow (Friday 10/31/14) and based on the CDIP forecast model, it looks like the best diving day for this weekend. I would really like to go diving, but my usual buddies are not available. Is anybody available and interested in going diving with me in Monterey/Carmel...
  10. broadreach

    Deadly diving accident in Lake Geneva - rebreather accident?

    Haute-Savoie | Un plongeur se noie dans le lac Léman One diver is reported dead on the French side of Lake Geneva. I know that this person usually dives a rebreather but I have no direct knowledge of this incident beyond the media report which very briefly states the location of the dive...
  11. broadreach

    Lost Dive Light - Point Lobos - Whalers Cove

    I somehow managed to lose my dive light while surface swimming back from Middle Reef to the boat ramp at Whalers Cove on Sunday 9/28. The visibility inside the cove was too poor and the sun too bright to spot the light beam. Please let me know if you happen to find it (short stubby black torch...
  12. broadreach

    Monterey dive buddy wanted- Labor Day weekend

    I'm in Monterey with my family for the weekend and would love to go for a night dive tomorrow evening (Sunday 8/31) or maybe an early morning dive on Monday Labor Day. I'm flexible as far as specific site. The last forecast I saw was not very promising so a more protected site such as the...
  13. broadreach

    San Diego Buddy needed 7/25-27

    I'll be visiting San Diego next weekend with my family and weather permitting, I would like to go for a shore dive while there. I have my own gear including dry suit and some experience shore diving in California (I dived near Monterey yesterday), but have never dived in San Diego. I hear that...
  14. broadreach

    Looking for experienced Monterey dive buddy Sunday 2/23 or Monday 2/24

    Hi, I'm an experienced diver (300+ dives) but new to California. I have cold water experience from Alpine lakes in Switzerland and France and beach diving experience from warmer climates including dealing with strong currents and moderate surge. I have never dived in Kelp and never in the...
  15. broadreach

    Using European 3/4.14" valves in the US?

    Hi, I'm moving to the U.S. (California) from Europe and considering bringing a European H valve with me. Since my regs are all DIN, it seems that it would be easier to just bring my (almost new) valve along rather than having to purchase a new one in the U.S. to replace the single Yoke valve...
  16. broadreach

    Move European tanks to California?

    So I'm starting to plan a move back from Europe to the U.S. and considering whether or not to include my scuba tanks in the shipment. I have two relatively old European 15 liter Steel tanks with 3/4" neck and double DIN valves (H valve configuration). One tank is from the early 80s and the...
  17. broadreach

    Swiss diver missing in France after attempting solo dive below 80 meters (262 feet)

    According to news sources listed below (all in French) a 35 year old Swiss diver, experienced in deep diving, has gone missing around 4:40 PM today after attempting a solo dive to a depth greater than 80 meters (262 feet) at Meillerie on the French shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman in French)...
  18. broadreach

    Tank testing facility in/near Genova?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a scuba tank testing facility in or near Genova? I have a tank that requires a fresh hydro-static test. Alternatively, can anyone recommend a Genova shop that can handle sending and receiving the tank? Thanks!
  19. broadreach

    Halcyon Pioneer single wing without STA, bolts needed?

    Hi, I am new to the bp/w setup and trying to figure out how to best secure my new (to me) Halcyon Pioneer wing to the backplate/cylinder. I can thread my cylinder straps through the backplate and wing, but do I need to bolt the wing to the plate as well or is it enough to just hold the wing in...
  20. broadreach

    Finger spool with dry gloves. lost dexterity

    So I just started diving with a drysuit and dry gloves. After a few dives just getting used to diving dry and figuring out my undergarment needs and buoyancy I tried some basic drills today. I found that the dry gloves, which I love for their fantastic thermal protection, made everything...
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