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    Lake Winnipesaukee NH

    From the NH State police FB page...
  2. soldsoul4foos

    Compact view of forums?

    Is there a way to make the view more 'compact'? For example, I don't need to see all the descriptions of every forums I've been reading for years. :) I'm just tired of all the scrolling to be honest. TIA.
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    Klein Curacao?

    Anyone ever dive here? I wonder if there's any difference where this little place isn't littered with people living on it.
  4. soldsoul4foos

    Airfare hasn't changed for Boston to Bonaire...yet :)

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    Palm Beach diver loses arm as group hit by boat - Florida

    Diver loses an arm in accident with boat off Palm Beach Ouch. Could not imagine this happening.
  6. soldsoul4foos

    Top warm water diving locations for Octopus?

    Searched around but did not find this topic. Are there areas with larger populations of Octopus? If I wanted to see octopus's all day (or nite), where would/should I go? tia, ss4f
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    Rhode Islander dies after diving by Dry Salvages

    Rhode Islander dies after diving by Dry Salvages   
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    Flights out of Boston....?

  9. soldsoul4foos

    Anyone use Tamarindo Diving before in Costa Rica?

    Heading to that area in a month. Anyone used these guys Scuba Diving Costa Rica with Tamarindo Diving | Book here Thanks, Bill
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    I've been noticing lots of oddities when using chrome as my browser. Anyone else? What started today was a security alert that I have to acknowledge before I can proceed. I can use IE, I just don't normally. Thanks, Bill
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    Best area(s) around Curacao to stay near restaurants/bars/nightlife?

    I think the lads and I are going to try Curacao in January. Have been to Bonaire numerous times. We'll most likely do primarily shore diving. Best area to stay? Airbnb is usually our method vs. hotel/resort. Bill
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    Diver found off Nahant, MA coast.

    Not much info.... Body of missing diver recovered off coast of Nahant
  13. soldsoul4foos

    Jet fins vs Apeks RK3 fins....thoughts?

    Any opinions between the two? Looking to try a shorter fin. Thanks, Bill
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    Roatan questions...

    Hi, have gone through lots of posts and was wondering about a few things. 1. Is there times that are better to go during the year? Wind issues, rainy season, etc? 2. We like to tool around a bit on dive trips, so usually airbnb and get a car. Are there places to shore dive, or night dive from...
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    What posts belong in the A&I forum.

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    General Curacao info....

    Greetings, looking to make the jump and try Curacao instead of returning to Bonaire. Just trying to leverage peoples experience for best area of the island to stay at with a mix of convenience to dive sites, and closeness to good restaurants. We plan on doing all shore dives. Four people, 1...
  17. soldsoul4foos

    Best time to visit Curacao?

    We are thinking of heading there Oct-Feb. Are there any considerations we should consider within those dates? Been to Bonaire 3 times, want to try the other island. Really enjoy the shore diving aspect of Bonaire.
  18. soldsoul4foos

    Airfare, ugh

    If the airfare does not come down to reasonable levels, I may go check out curacao instead this fall/winter. :)
  19. soldsoul4foos

    Snorkeling in Quepos/Manuel Antonio?

    Have a trip to Cano island already, wondering if there are any snorkeling locations I can get to on my own in the area. Thoughts? Thanks, Bill
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